The Division 2 Title Update 12 Overview and New Content Sneak Peek

! In this week's State of the Game, Ubisoft talked about The Division 2 Title Update 12, and gave us an overview of what we're getting when it's released!

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REDGUM79d ago

wow, they are really supporting this game heh which is so great to see. It is a great game. It would be great to see an enhanced version for the ps5 at some point which would sort out the pop ins when turning you're character around from street to street as the frames refresh. regardless though, this really is a large and involved game i'm still only level 24 after all this time with heaps to go. Great game.

DaveZero79d ago

Ubi love supporting there division, it's a fantastic game and while at first people tried to sink the game before it came out. I always knew what those people didnt, was that they would work good on it overtime.

excaliburps78d ago

Yeah, it's been shaping up quite nicely. It's not as popular as the first one, but it's still being supported heavily which is what's important.

Nitrowolf278d ago

yep, def a good time to roll that out

Gameseeker_Frampt78d ago

I see that they are finally bringing gear optimization to The Division 2, something all the Division 1 players whinged about constantly. D1 was a loot-shooter where the end game grind was not for gear but just the different currencies to optimize gear. It got old pretty quick and it was nice to see Division 2 move away from that and actually make loot meaningful.