Black Ops Cold War - New Roadmap, Ranking System, Battle Pass & Warzone Integration

DownSights has a huge infodump on a number of features for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, including the game's roadmap, ranking system and how Battle Pass will work.

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xTonyMontana77d ago

Battle Pass Bundle Bonus: Unlock new gear and goodies even faster. PlayStation players that purchase the $20 Battle Pass Bundles will get an additional 5 tier skips. That’s a total of 25 tier skips!
PlayStation Party Bonus: Teamwork makes the dream work. PlayStation players that play together in parties receive +25% bonus weapon XP. The bonus still counts when playing with cross-platform teammates.
Double XP Bonus: PlayStation players can look forward to exclusive Monthly Double XP events (24 hr duration), so prepare to boost your rank.
Extra Loadouts: Be prepared for any scenario. PlayStation players get an additional 2 loadout slots, ready for customization. Available when Create-A-Class unlocks upon reaching Level 4.

Activision are off to a great start for next gen, Kotick is cancer. I really hope the controversy shuts this down.