EA and UFC Extends Partnership for 10 Years, Includes "Future Offerings" for Mobile

The EA and UFC partnership has been extended another 10 years, as the developer is looking to expand the game into mobile platforms.

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xTonyMontana69d ago

I really hope that doesn't effect the future chances of seeing a new Fight Night in the future but it likely will sadly.

Gridknac69d ago

I don't understand why these sports franchises, that are deeply reliant upon competition, keep signing these long exclusive contracts. This effectively kills the competition in the games' market and leads to poor games and on to poor game sales. They have to know, that all this in effect, tarnishes their brand. The image of their brand has to be more important than the money they get for the exclusive contract.

+1 for Fight Night making a return. My favorite

red2tango69d ago

It's about money. EA pays big money and the company will continue making a guaranteed amount of money as a result.