Shenmue III Finally Gets Steam Release Date

Today Ys Net finally announced the release date of Shenmue III for PC via Steam.

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TheRealTedCruz266d ago

Sales died within a few weeks either way lol

Vits266d ago

With the reception this one got. I doubt that we are going to see a Shenmue IV so I wouldn't bother playing it.

TheRealTedCruz264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

I grabbed it for $7 off Amazon put of morbid curiosity.
That was a month ago, and it's still sitting on the coffee table, unopened.

I was a fan of the originals back in the day, but so many games improved upon the formula since then.
They need to realize that there's a difference between retro/old school design, and straight up archaic design (Shenmue 3).

I think it was also a slap in the face to fans that instead of using this opportunity to tie up the series after all these years; which is what a lot of people thought they were getting, it was just a set up for another game that, as you said, will probably never happen due to lackluster reviews and sales.

GamerBeast1982265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

Im a massive Shenmue fan so i had to have Shenmue 3 day one. But i was really dissapointed with it. They had all these years to finally finish the story and they barley moved it along an inch. Now we may never get the story finished. So i give up on the series and creaters now.

Jericho1337264d ago

Same, but after the reaction it got from people like yourself, I can’t bring myself to playing it.

GamerBeast1982264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

I know . If I were you I would just assume Shenmue is what it is at 2 and save yourself even more disappointment . The story will clearly never be finished now as it’s mainly just for the fans now . That Kickstarter got them the money and they barley even moved the story on , It is what it is . Shenmue 3 was a waste simple as . A nice trip down memory lane for us fans, But a waste non the less.

Michiel1989264d ago

after they sold out, it was pretty clear this game was created from greed, not from love for the game. Trying to deceive its fans with that "emotional" trailer they showed at the Sony E3 keynote, basically begging for money because he loved his baby so much. Apparently he loved money even more.

goldwyncq264d ago

What an ignorant take. Shenmue has always been a niche series and Yu Suzuki knew that well, hence the Kickstarted because there’s no other way a sequel could’ve existed otherwise.

Michiel1989264d ago

so that excuses the fact that he took the money from kickstarter and didnt made up his end of the promise? Shifted it to another platform quickly before launch to get a better deal. If it's such a niche series, why wouldnt you put it on steam so it reaches a larger audience? he thinks its worth more to take Epics money (that will prop cover the steam sales), fine with me, but then he deserves all the shit people throw at him at the game. That's selling out to the maximum in my book.

I just looked it up, he got 6.3million from kickstarter + sony was probably paying them for exclusivity and then he still sells out to epic, so dont come with no other way a sequel would have existed, he had plenty of backing without epic,

DerfDerf264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

They were never going to finish the story. It's split into way too many parts. The game originally had 16 chapters but apparently the main story can be told in 11. Hell the original game was just 1 chapter and then he rushed through a few chapters with Shenmue 2(chapters 2 through 5) and then Shenmue 3 is Chapter is essentially chapter 6.

CDbiggen264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

I loved everything apart from the fact the combat felt like a crapshoot
Comes out Nov 19th btw.

dcbronco264d ago

But teh, teh exclusives.