Xbox Series X review: Low on wow factor, big on power

Microsoft's next-generation console is accessible and powerful, but does it have any wow factor? Find out in our Xbox Series X review.

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lifeisgamesok269d ago

Seems like more of an enhanced Xbox One X right now. Hopefully they get some heavy hitters in 2021 or 2022

SlappingOysters269d ago

Definitely getting that vibe. I don't think those who missed out on a pre-order should be that upset. Not missing out on too much just yet.

lifeisgamesok269d ago

Yeah, $500 for better resolution and framerates for the games that you already own, isn't a great selling point

sonic1989267d ago

this will be my first Xbox ever but not until hellblade2 or gears 6. I'll continue with ps5 till then