Begging works!

After last weeks backwards compatability update many were still questioning when more xbox games would get the 360 treatment, not least was Tim Schafer, creator of Psychonauts who begged for his game to get emulated. Now, one of Microsoft's emulation ninja's has said that they are working on a Psychonauts emulation. If begging works for him please give me Panzer dragoon and Beyond good and evil, please, please, please.

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Lucidmantra5814d ago

I agree with all of those... and Shenmue 2... WTF!!!

Lucidmantra5814d ago

This is also a way to get Schafer to write games for the 360 also. SInce he says he loves the system I am sure we will see the BC for Psyconauts ASAP and then MS will try to get him to write an exclusive or at least something for the 360. My vote is for Full Throttle 2. Part 1 kicked mucho butt.

Sphinx5814d ago

Star Wars BF2 and Lego Star Wars was all I could ask for!

PS360PCROCKS5814d ago

lol I don't think I could ask for any Xbox games right now

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