Microsoft Xbox Series X review: A sports car with no gas

“The Xbox Series X is an extremely powerful console, but the lack of next-gen titles has stalled its launch.”

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Hellcat202078d ago

Just wait 2-3 years then it'll have some rocket fuel in it

RazzerRedux78d ago

Then wait 2-3 years before buying, right?

darthv7278d ago

If they want to use a car analogy then the Series X is like a sports car. You still drive it on the same roads but you get more wind in your hair (unless you are bald) and you look good driving it.

Generally this is what 99% of those who buy a new car try to envision themselves doing. It isnt like suddenly there are new roads just for you. You are going to test your might on ones you know, ones you always wanted to just... burn rubber on. And of course try not to get caught.

RazzerRedux77d ago

uh....ok? You missed the part where the car has no gas.

CaptainObvious87877d ago

Just give it up, darth. Please....

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CaptainHenry91678d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Lol 2-3 years the PS5 and next Nintendo console will be over 50 million unit's sold. Xbox fans always says just wait and years always pass by

Sitdown78d ago

Why does that seem to bother you all though? If they are content with the continue wait and see, why is it an issue? Xbox has games, you all just knock them. People prefer different things.

The Wood77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Sit down

Nobody is bothered ........ people are in banter mode and having a laugh. Y'all allowed this to happen and have yourselves to blame with the perpetual defence of weak output and deflections ms put out. Many of your kinsmen or xbox loyalists wasted far too much energy berating sony when that energy should of been directed at the brand that was clearly behind in the majority of metrics they used to brag about.

MS will always have their loyal customers but those guys aren't their main focus.... they want the inbetweens, x-xbox guys, pc, ps and nintendo guys, basically new customers. Without those the GP ecosystem wont be sustainable. They are acting on that now by buying studios to bolster their GP plan. Time will tell if it works out for them

Jericho133777d ago

Of all the arguments you could've made and you picked sales. As a gamer, why does that matter to you?

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S2Killinit78d ago

Then we will have to wait for the wheels to arrive, but just wait until next E3.

JackBNimble77d ago

E3 is dead especially with covid, I highly doubt we'll see another any time soon.

scofios77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Just wait 2-3 year is the new wait till E3 haha

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bouzebbal77d ago

Been hearing just wait since xbox1 came out.. We're getting bored of waiting.

Dragonscale77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

2-3 years! LMFAO. What a complete joke of a next gen console.

leejohnson22277d ago

Too late by then and im pretty sure it will all be game pass fodder

LM121377d ago

just wait seems to be the xbox motto

PrinterMan77d ago

Perhaps ... I would say. We cannot predict the future. I hope you are right though.

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Beastgamerkuma78d ago

When it comes to lack of standout launch titles that can be said for both. Each will have new games that will be out for both Xbox One and PS4, that's not really saying much. The only true Next Gen launch title will be Ratchet and Clank. All and all going to be a slow start for each.

lifeisgamesok78d ago

No matter how many times y'all try to make it seem like both launches are the same, they're not

Atticus_finch78d ago

I see a lot of xfans pretending like both console aren't worth it right now. It's a bit sad.
I can't wait to get my Ps5.

Dragonscale77d ago

Chalk and cheese. Its the most pointless next gen console ever made.

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zacfoldor78d ago

Demon’s Souls. Marginalization....activate!

cooperdnizzle78d ago

Dude you are tripping. Demon souls can only be played on PlayStation. Then we have spider man, yes it can be played on ps4 but it’s a brand new game and made to take advantage of the ps5 much like halo was for the Xbox 1 SX. We have god fall exclusive to consoles. There is Astro bots exclusive. Bug snacks new game. We have Kena coming very soon! Exclusive to ps made to take advantage of the ps5. Death loop very soon. And not to mention countless other games that will hit the launch window. Ratchet, horizon, and gt. And than even more coming later in the year. Now please show me something even remotely close on Xbox? I’ll wait.

And I am getting both console just because I always do but m$ really has nothing. Like nothing. Will see if my purchase is worth it later but we have to see.

zacfoldor78d ago

What people don’t realize is that the souls games and From Software will be even bigger now because it is the PS5 showcase. New console launches are rare opportunities to get software in front of gamers who might not ordinarily try it. Some Claim it’s niche, but that popularity will be rising fast on ps5 launch!

Beastgamerkuma78d ago

Yea well, I stand by my statement many other launches had a great number of exclusives on launch. This one is kind of weak.

SmokinAces78d ago

I have to disagree, Demon Souls is definitely a stand out launch title so is Miles Morales.

cooperdnizzle77d ago

@ beastgamerkuma. Of course you’re going to stand by your statement, that is the definition of ignorance. Also the attitude of a spoiled little kid, you calm something that is false and incorrect have no facts to back it up, and when you are proven wrong you go. Ehhhh doesn’t matter I still think I am right. Grow up. Game on whatever you want but don’t be that dude! Demon souls alone might be the best launch exclusive title in a very long time.

BehindTheRows77d ago

Couldn’t have put it better!

Beastgamerkuma77d ago

Damn you took it personal sheesh. Its called an opinion. Didn't say I was right. And the fact that you believe i am on either side is true ignorance. I did refer to both consoles unlike many of you that are protecting Sony like a baby being pulled from their moms tit. Throwing out insults to stirr an argument like a blindless mob with pitch forks. Relax jeez. To me it doesn't feel that strong of a launch is all. But hey I forgive you, its all good.

Extermin8or3_77d ago

Erm demon souls? Erm gran turismo which is out first half of next year it would seem. Also if you listen to Jim sterling's interview he very very heavily suggests that games like miles morales were originally ps5 exclusive however due to the level of engagement people had with ps4 and they knew they would have stock shortages for a while it was ported and downgraded to run on ps4. If that is the case that is quite a difference. Also by the time Halo launches we will have had spiderman, bugsnax, demon souls, sickbay, godfall, ratchet and clank, all stars, gran tourism, horizon forbidden west, god of war: Ragnarock ph and death loop. Feel like I may have missed a few indie titles.

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Rich163178d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Xbox as a brand is frustrating. I'm not hating on it. I'm just saying I was a big Xbox fan in the 360 days, they have been in freefall since like 2011. I didn't even get the Xbox One and switched to the PS4. The lack of games made it uncompetitive and uninteresting.

They did so good back then but they have lost their way. I don't understand why they haven't fixed this exclusive situation and it's been almost a decade.

It's a bummer. It really is. Maybe they will turn it around, but I'm so hesitant to go near the Series X cause the Xbox One was so bad. The exclusives literally NEVER came.

CptDville78d ago

And when they came, they went right after to PC and therefore lost the exclusive stample.

Rich163178d ago

To be fair, Xbox isn't a console anymore it is a platform. Microsoft goal is GamePass. Doesn't matter what you play on, as long as you are playing Xbox Games. That is where they are going. Netflix for Games, anywhere you want.

Petebloodyonion78d ago

And does making the game exclusive makes it better to play for you?
Like Will Spiderman be less fun now because Playstation 4 user can play the game?

Did Horizon Zero Dawn become less fun because you can now play it on PC?

Dragonscale77d ago

So if xbox isn't a console whats this new xbox? A fridge. Gamepass is a poor substitute for having no games worth talking about.

Petebloodyonion78d ago

Let me play the devil advocate here.
How's the Serie-X launch so different to the 360 launch or the PS4?
Do you remember the great next gen games released on both system?

Rich163178d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Well I didn't get the 360 at launch so I can't really say, I was like 15 lol. But the Xbone had nothing it's entire lifetime. PS4 there was atleast Killzone Shadow Fall. Amazing? No? But it was a decent launch title and it was at least something, you know?

My main thing is, if the exclusives never showed up during the Xbone lifecycle, how do we know they actually will this time? I have both consoles preorderd and I'm literally stumped as to which one I will ultimately go with. GamePass and the fact the X is more powerful, plus the Bethesda thing has meaning leaning Xbox. But then there is the exclusive issue again. Will it just be Bethesda Games and more Halo and Gears again? The PS5 has a shit launch line up as well, but it has Spiderman and we know Ratchet and God of War and Horizon are on the way. We have no clue what any of these Xbox studios are doing.

TheTony31677d ago

Xbox 360 launched with PGR3, Kameo, perfect Dark and Dead or alive 4. SX launches with 0 exclusives.

Petebloodyonion78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

"My main thing is, if the exclusives never showed up during the Xbone lifecycle, how do we know they actually will this time?"
Short answer : wait until something please you to buy an Xbox :)
If nothing is to your liking you won't be disappointed and will be happy if you buy it for some games you like.

As for the other part of your comment Ill be honest that have bought none of the previous console at launch since the Dreamcast because I never found something that got me hooked on day 1 (still won't happened this time).

DeadManMMX78d ago

My main thing wih this guys argument is as somebody who had both. Xbox started off last gen with more exclusives. They launched with Ryse, Dead Rising 3 and Forza 5 within a few months we had Sunset Overdrive. PS4 launched with Knack and Killzone Shadowfall within a few months we had Infamous Second Son. Then it took like year and half before got Bloodborne then the floodgates started opening on quality exclusives.

Rich163178d ago (Edited 78d ago )

The only good Xbox exclusive was Sunset Overdrive which was criminally underated. Dead Rising is like a C tier franchise and Ryse was DOA. Forza, not my thing. But fair point.

Petebloodyonion77d ago

my reply was to Rich1631 regarding lack of exclusives day 1
Personally I think that both consoles offer nothing new at the moment that makes me go rush at the gate to buy a X or a Ps5.
Now I'm sure that down the road both consoles will have great games that please MY needs.

anast78d ago

Don't worry. They will have some new stuff next gen.

ThinkThink77d ago

And next gen starts in 4 days baby!

RedDevils77d ago

By then, the AMD 6000 series will be lower their price lol

anast77d ago

lol xD I will finally be able to afford one by then.

sourOG78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Yeah that’s why I’m not worried if I can’t find one anytime soon. I took the week off to try to find one. I’m giving my preorder to my brother for christmas since I’m getting a ps5 a couple days later. I’ll enjoy gears tactics and XIII on my slim. I will have one by the time fable and state of decay 3 come out, for sure.