Red Dead Redemption 2 Has Sold Over 34 Million Units; Grand Theft Auto V Over 135 Million

Today Take-Two Interactive Software announced s ome impressive new shipment figures for Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto V during its quarterly financial conference call for investors and analysts.

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Ezio204870d ago

RDR2 has sold 35 million copies. The tweet that these articles are referring clearly mentions it. Don't know why are they posting it as 34 million.

porkChop70d ago

The article isn't referring to a tweet. It's referring to what was said during an investor call.

Vandamme2170d ago

GTA 5 sucked. It was so boring. I loved grand theft auto 4.

porkChop70d ago

How can you say V was boring, yet love IV? IV was so dull and had less mission variety than every other game in the series. Almost every mission was just driving to an area and killing everyone.

With V Rockstar brought back some of the wackiness and playfulness of the previous games. V certainly had its issues, but it was a much stronger game overall.

RabbitFly70d ago

I agree that 5 was not boring, but I prefer rockstar to be less wacky.

At least to me, every game they have made looses a lot of its charm/appeal at some point because the reliance on stereotypical satire becomes too much. And that included gta 4 to me, But i liked that it took itself a bit more serious.

With that being said. Trevor is my favorite wacky character they have made yet.

Psychotica70d ago

I enjoyed GTA 4, the music and talk radio was so good. However, GTA 5 was better in every other way..

Sonyslave370d ago

We not getting GTA 6 til 2024 at most lol

Elda70d ago

Like they say everything is not for everybody,2 games that I just couldn't get into.

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The story is too old to be commented.