Xbox Series X review: Boring Is Better

If I judged Microsoft’s new video game console, the Xbox Series X, purely as a piece of hardware, I’d only need one word: boring

darthv721051d ago

Man... the wait is almost over.

Shane Kim1051d ago

It's going to be exciting. Both the PS4 and Xbox One was kind of outdated on arrival (even though they've managed to put out some great looking games) but this time around we have two great consoles with exciting hardware.

pedrof931051d ago

I'm really eager to play the games I've missed this gen :D Gears 5 120 fps :DDDDDDD

LegoIsAwesome1051d ago

Once I have a XSX, first thing Im gonna do is fire up that Forza Horizon 4.

NEXUS-61051d ago

What would stop you haha

Army_of_Darkness1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )


Do you really have a choice? 😜🤣

OMNlPOTENT1051d ago

I don’t know why you’re getting downvoted. I’m getting a ps5 myself, but the series x looks like a monster! Have fun with it.

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Rich16311051d ago

It is weird to review a console itself lol.
Either way. Mine is coming next week. I think Microsoft will bring it this gen. Last gen they got bent over.

Si-Fly1051d ago

I managed to get preorders in for both consoles, and I’m excited for both. I skipped last gen on Xbox so looking forward to all the enhanced experiences and some nostalgia from the 360 back compat. Then there’s PS5 with the Dual Sense and Demon Souls for me to get stuck into. A great end to a really shitty year!

darthv721051d ago

When I got the one x, it was impressive what it did to many of the games in terms of enhanced performance. The series takes it to a whole other level. So if you missed out then yeah... every game you play on the sx will be a whole new experience regardless of being an existing game.

willykyu1051d ago

Same here. I 100% agree with you. High Tech speaking, 2020 is a blast so far. And ends with fireworks.

jwillj2k41051d ago

They had 7 years to bring something, and all they brought was another console that’s the same as the last console, this time with absolutely no games.

FyBy1051d ago

They bought many developers so lets hope they dont f*ck up this time.

chiefJohn1171051d ago

Good read, that's why I say people don't care about gimmicks, they may get your attention awe at first then you a few uses later you forget about it and stop using it MS cut the BS and gave us a pure gaming mechine

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Lilrizky1051d ago

I don't know.... i'm kinda praying RE8 gets VR support

StormSnooper1051d ago

And I’m assuming by “gimmick” you mean all the innovations that the competition has? 🤦‍♂️

The Wood1050d ago

'And I’m assuming by “gimmick” you mean all the innovations that the competition has?'

Spot on, Laud what you have and downplay what you don't (until you get it)

Seen this talk for over a decade from both side I might add but the ratio of the dismissive speak on exclusives, sp games, sales, features ......the list goes on and will continue forever

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Deathdeliverer1051d ago

Amazon finally confirmed my PS5 date of arrival. It’s official. Amazon will have my Series X at my door on the 10th and my PS5 Disc version on the 12th. New router to take advantage of the 1 GB internet speed I have.... Samsung Q90R. I am officially in next gen launch day heaven with the following weekend off, next week.

chiefJohn1171051d ago (Edited 1051d ago )

Lucky, I need to upgrade my TV for next Gen. How long you've had a Samsung? I heard their screens get burn in so I was lookin g at an LG

Deathdeliverer1051d ago

It’s Qled. Burn in is basically impossible. I’ve had it since March this year. It’s phenomenal, the HDR is soooo bright and nice, the blacks look like the tv is off, and the colors make you want to see old stuff again for the first time.

Shane Kim1051d ago

I just got the LG CX 55". It's phenomenal.

where-eagles-dare1051d ago

John, it's Oled televisions that can be prone to burn in. The television that Death mentions is the Samsung Q90R, essentially an Led with quantum dot technology which produces a wider array of colours and has a higher peak white brightness than Oled & has hdr 10+, which the Oled from LG doesn't have.

This television shines, pardon the pun, in brighter lit scenes. Whereas Oled comes into it's own, in a darker environment with true blacks & 'Dolby Vision' which the Samsung set doesn't have.

I have had the Oled C9 for nearly a year now & it's vitually impossible to get burn in, as there are a plethora of features built in to stop this. For example if you leave a static image on the screen for more than a few minutes, the LG C9 will go to a moving screen saver. You can do all sorts of tweaks in the settings, to lower the colour brightness, of say screen Sports & News logos.

You can't go wrong with either of these televisions as they are both Hdmi 2.1 capable.

If you love watching movies at night in the dark and want 4 Hdmi 2.1 inputs and a far cleaner and sharper image, with better screen uniformity, as well as motion & low latency input lag, then I highly recommend the LG Oled C9. The reason that I don't mention the LGCX (2020) is there isn't much difference between the two & you may be able to snaffle a Black Friday bargain.

The Samsung is also a superb option and can achieve a much brighter and vivid peak image with Hdr 10+. It also handles slightly better in a brighter lit environment, with say windows, as the screen is less reflective.

chiefJohn1171051d ago

Thanks for the info yall I'mma keep my eye out for both

Popsicle1051d ago (Edited 1051d ago )

You are not going to get burn in an a Samsung QLED because it is a completely different tech when compared to OLED. My LG OLED B6 suffers from burn in that occurred in only 2 years with fairly limited use. However, my LG OLED C8 is still going very strong and has no burn in. I prefer the picture quality of the OLED over the QLED, but others may feel differently.

ziggurcat1051d ago

LED/QLED doesn't get burn-in - OLED will, though, but that's a risk with any brand that uses OLED panels.

frostypants1051d ago (Edited 1051d ago )

Burn in is not much of a concern with any TV these days. OLEDs are the most prone but even there you gotta be super careless.

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StoneyYoshi1051d ago (Edited 1051d ago )

You got your email confirmation?? :( i hope i get mine soon. Still waiting on them to tell me if im getting mine day 1 too.

Edit: Nevermind. i have confirmation now on my order page. they just haven't sent an email yet. 🎉

Deathdeliverer1051d ago

Yeah it’s on the orders page. My PS5 second controller can finally leave the box and get felt up now that I know I won’t be teasing myself for long. Had it for days unopened waiting on the confirmation to not make things more unbearable.

@eagles and popsicle
Yes, the QLED is exactly as you guys say BUT I’ll say this. The black levels that I guess aren’t quite “black” on other QLEDs cheaper QLEDS I do not see on the Q90R. The screen literally looks off in the letterbox of movies or a dark scene. Also, as I play fighting games low latency matters tremendously. The Q90 automatically knows the system that’s hooked up and goes to game mode. If there’s ANY latency when I’m counting on hitting a move within a 3 frame opening, I can’t feel it. Almost 3k at the time, but as a gamer it is worth every penny.

OLEDs at the high end take up to 4000 hours to burn in, your mileage may vary, but unless you’re marathoning the same game hours on end day after day you might never experience it. Cheaper OLEDS might be better off avoiding gaming all together.