Godfall Gets Explosive Launch Trailer & Spectacular PS5 Gameplay

Gearbox publishing showcased the launch trailer of Godfall and a lot of PS5 gameplay including loadouts and a boss fight.

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purple101165d ago

Ok il give them the dues.. it's better than it was..

lifeisgamesok165d ago

I really wish this wasn't always online I would add it to my launch collection

MrNinosan165d ago

Don’t you have access to internet?

LamerTamer165d ago

It isn't the point. The point is you pay over $70 for a rental that will be taken from you as soon as they shut down the servers. Also it is unplayable if you lose your connection. You don't own the game. That would be ok if it were priced as a rental but full price? No thanks.

lifeisgamesok165d ago

It's not about having internet I have very good internet, it's the principle of owning my games

russo121165d ago

For me this generation is on hold. Need direct and clear statements from MS and Sony they are not going after always online and always connected mantra. Meanwhile PS4 and PC will suffice.

CrimsonWing69165d ago

do you hate that streaming services require always online?

LamerTamer165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

I do that is why i don't subscribe to them, that as well as the crap quality and lag.

Having a game where it REQUIRES internet even when playing single player is just anti-consumer. Why do people actually support giving up ownership and handing it to corporations? There is zero benefit and only downside yet people actually defend it?

lifeisgamesok165d ago

I do use YouTube but I don't use Netflix, Hulu or any of the others I still like to own my things and yes I understand many don't care

Chronichero165d ago

Streaming service will be the downfall of good single player games. The future is crappy multi-player games.

ArchangelMike165d ago

Now imagine that gameplay with the nuance of haptic feedback of the Dualsence controller.

Latex74165d ago

Looks ok but 70 pounds no wait for a sale

ScootaKuH165d ago

Yeah I'm thinking the same. I think it looks good but I'm also not seeing that there's £70 worth of value here

LamerTamer165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

Especially since it is a rental. Requires internet even for single player. They will decide for you that you can't play the game anymore and they will just take it from you when the server is shut down.

Hellcat2020165d ago

Good thing most people grow out of this entitled spoiled little bitch phase that you're in now.

phoenixwing165d ago

seriously? do you always bend over for companies like this?

NeoGamer232165d ago

I am on the fence with this game like I was with Marvel Avengers.

It is showing better and better, but not sure what the actual game experience will be like.

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The story is too old to be commented.