Your first look at Destruction AllStars’ game modes

Battle it out in the arena solo or in teams in this competitive PS5 multiplayer title when it launches next year.

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RaidenBlack80d ago

Still no game-play?
Other than the tease from the UI video.

StoneyYoshi80d ago

Sure its not hands on uninterrupted gameplay but its not like the game is going to look any different than in the video.

RaidenBlack80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Actually the above embedded video wasn't there when I commented.
The video was uploaded to YouTube later.

AnotherGamer80d ago

Oh? They already show gameplay before.

purple10180d ago

Sweet Jesus that looks epic. Looks like when your car gets destroyed your on foot for a while untill you can obtain another. Meanwhile you can run over on foot though too!

LiViNgLeGaCY80d ago

That's really cool, actually.

eddieistheillest80d ago

I can’t wait. I wish it was a launch game but I definitely understand why it was pushed back.

NEXUS-680d ago

My eyes are happy, but pray for my ears - hope you can mute the commentary. It was atrocious.

akaFullMetal80d ago

Looks fun, hopefully it may take care of that Twisted metal itch . Well, looking at it more, probably plays more like Rocket league.