Karate Rocket Launchers – Mortal Kombat’s 1994 Toy Line

If you forgot (or never knew) about Hasbro’s bizarre Mortal Kombat toys, you’d be forgiven. Fans were not impressed by the cash grab, and they fell into obscurity. So let’s dig 'em up!

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gamefreaks365265d ago

I remember the Johnny Cage and Goro toys. Never owned them but wanted them as a kid.

Longie_long265d ago

The Goro figure was really impressive.

Jiub265d ago

Kano's motorcycle! I remember that one!

cerpintaxt44265d ago

in first grade i traded my sub zero to my "friend" at school for what was supposed to be the really hard to get reptile. sub zero was my favorite char and toy but i figured i could get a new one and have both.... he never returned with reptile and i could never find them at the store again so i lost out on both. life lessons

sourOG265d ago

Lol first grade finessed

sourOG265d ago

Toys look pretty basic but the packaging is awesome.