Warframe comes to PS5: How Digital Extremes is evolving their hit looter shooter

Experience faster, better-looking gameplay later this year.

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BigBosss75d ago

It's 2016 all over again but with next gen features. Sign me up!

NEXUS-675d ago

This is exactly what a FTP title should be, WARFRAME has come so far and looks like it has more legs on PS5.

P_Bomb75d ago

“What this means for those who are taking the generational leap, is that your profile, along with your progress, will be saved and will follow you to your PS5”

Excellent. This was key in migrating DCUO over to PS4 from PS3 and it’s key for Warframe now. I have hundreds of hours invested with a substantial cache of frames, skins, weapons, currencies, slots, loadouts, research, mods, stats, ranks and trophies. Picking up where I left off is essential.