Xbox Series S Review

The budget version of the new Xbox has its place and could shine as a second console, but it's hard to recommend as your primary gaming platform.

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alextdarling83d ago

Series S is great for casual gamers who want a budget console, the likes of consumers that have no intention to buy a 4k tv/monitor.

Im not interested in it at all but I see the appeal for others.

zacfoldor83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

So they aren't going to get a 4k tv in the next 7 years(plus however many years they have had their current set)? That's a long upgrade cycle to not get a new TV. I would imagine their current set must be really great to not develop some gray uniformity issues(dirty screen) by then, even if they just bought one at 1080p. Especially since 4k TVs can get so cheap during the holidays. Just to check, I'm looking at the cheapest 4k TVs right now on Walmart and they are VERY low cost for surprising screen sizes, to wait 7+ years on an upgrade from 1080p.

alextdarling83d ago

Not everyone has the luxury of buying a 4ktv without a second thought.

In my opinion, I think that this will be aimed at family households or students. If you spend £450 on a console then you're likely going to have the budget to buy a good 4k tv.

SamTheGamer83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

I think in next 4-5 years the majority of people will have 4K TV. There aren't much cost difference between 1080p and 4K. Since last one year budget 4K TV's price decreased and nearly the cost of 1080p TV and they can do HDR too.

Teflon0283d ago

You can buy a 4k tv for $400 Canadian lol. I don't think it's much of a excuse anymore

zacfoldor83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

I mean, I completely understand money being tight, and I may be going crazy, but I'm seeing some cheap 4k at 40+ inch TVs for like around 200 dollars online right now in the US, and I'm not even sure how on sale they are. I googled "cheapest 4k tvs" and looked at the ads.

headshotfrosty83d ago

Exactly right you are. Seems like a revenue ploy to get future upgrades to SX and double sales. I'm getting SX (in route to my house now) but am baffled as to how this is a relevant, more than a year or two, solution. 4k TV's are so cheap now.

JustTheFax83d ago

You don't want just any 4k tv though. There are so many junky ones with high input lag, lack of VRR, low peak brightness, etc. If someone was going to get a new 4k tv, I would recommend the Sony X900H minimum which is $900-1000. These $200-400 4k tvs are going to give such a bad next gen experience!

gamer780483d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Tvs last a long time, maybe they plan on upgrading in 4 years and will get a mid gen upgrade instead. Maybe they don’t have the money. Don’t forget those also who have 3dtvs and don’t want to get rid of them. It’s foolish to assume we know peoples situations and what works best for them. I might get one as a third Xbox.

ziggurcat83d ago


"You can buy a 4k tv for $400 Canadian lol."

What magical retailer is selling something that isn't 43" or lower or a cheap POS brand (i.e. TCL, Vizio, RCA, HISENSE, etc...)? To get any benefits, it needs to be a bare minimum of 50", and I haven't come across any reputable brand at that size for $400.

TravsVoid83d ago

I have a $600 37in 1080p Vizio from 2009 and other than color/resolution I see less uniformity issues than my $900 55in 4k Vizio from 2019. I also don't like the way local dimming looks at times in the 4k set.

Personally if I ever buy another screen I will probably go for a smaller gaming monitor because I've noticed on a big screen being competitive in shooters like call of duty is more difficult for me vs my smaller 37in screen.

r2oB83d ago

People: "Why get a cheap TV, with less features. Save up for a decent 4K TV."

Same people: "Why not get the cheap console, with less features. No need to save up for the better console."

ABizzel183d ago (Edited 83d ago )


And these "Series S" okay with not having 4K, more than likely own janky 1080p TVs that have all the problems and non of the benefits you listed as well. That being said with the 4K TV at least they have a resolution that's noticeably better than what they currently have, as well as improved image quality in most cases (as many of the TV are simply last years models), and many of them offer 120Hz modes in 1080p and sometimes 1440p which is more than their current TVs offer.

If you want the best of everything you have no choice but to get an LG OLED as it's the only brand that offers 4K @ 120Hz, VRR, Freesync, and G-Sync across all 4 HDMI.

Every other TV you're going to have to choose and loose features.

TV's to buy

(4K, 120Hz, VRR, possibly FreeSync (AMD GPUs))
1. LG OLED (just about any of the 9 or X series, EX: C9 and CX)

2. Sony X900H, 65" has dropped to $950 making it possibly the best value

3. Samsung Q70 - Q90, technically 2nd best TVs, the higher the number the better the TV with the Q80T and Q90 being the best for gaming but they're expensive like the LG's and you only have 1 HDMI 2.1 port (meaning you can't have PS5 and Series X, as only one console will get the full benefit of your TV)

4. TCL 6Series (Model 635 only), 55" is $650 and it's the cheapest of the best 4K TV's, however, no specification on how many HDMI 2.1 ports, but allegedly each port supports most 2.1 features, with VRR confirmed and 120Hz panels confirmed.

Most other TVs will simply not have [email protected], or have high input latency in comparison to these 4 brands (Vizio has the features, but input latency can vary greatly between models). However, the $200 - $500 TV are better and have more features than most of the 1080p TVs these people will have in their homes if they've been buying.



DivineHand12583d ago

If you are purchasing a 4k tv to play on the new ps5 or Xbox, avoid the cheap TVs or you will regret it a year or 2 down the line when you realize what you have done. You will not be able to enjoy the full next gen experience if your tv is 4k 30fps. it is recommended that you purchase a TV that supports HDMI 2.1. If you are shopping for a new 4k tv, this should be your number one litmus test. The PS5 and Xbox Series X both support 4k120fps and 8k. The Cheap tvs you see in Walmart on Amazon will not allow you to achieve this and you will be at a disadvantage when you play competitive games online as all serious players are going to play in the 120fps mode if it is supported by that game.

JustTheFax82d ago

@ABizzel1 I'd LOVE to have an LG OLED screen but they are prone to burn in, and I use my tv as a pc monitor too, so unfortunately I have to count those out. I prefer the 49"/50" size screens, and it seems like Samsung gimped all those with less features. I'd totally get the Sony X900H if they had it in 50" size but smallest is 55". Looks like I will have to wait a bit longer until I find one that has everything I want. I am still on a Samsung KS8000 and it is hard to find screens with that level of peak brightness in HDR. HDR still seems hit or miss with me though. I reaaalllly want VRR though, that is a must on my next tv.

Also, you are right...I forgot I was responding on a Series S article. haha Someone who gets a series S will most likely skimp on a tv as well. Although after watching the Modern Vintage Gamer review, I can see how this console has a spot in this gen for people on a budget that still want to play the newest games. I still wouldn't get it though. haha

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ZeroBlue283d ago

Probably good for kids that stick to a few games like Fortnite and Madden, beyond that, I'm not really sure who this is for.

RpgSama83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

I think they should have given the reviews to somebody else besides Ryan.

LucasRuinedChildhood83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Hear me out here. The Series S is the new "red ring of death". Once again, gamers around the world will have the harsh realization that they need to buy a new Xbox.

Mostly joking (I make an effort to be fair and defend MS against stupid arguments like attacks on backwards compatibility) but the Series S is a bad deal and will age like fine milk. I'd hate to be the kid who asked for a Series X for Christmas and got a Series S because my parents didn't understand the difference. The idea of getting a gimped PS2 makes me shudder a bit. haha

CaptainHenry91683d ago

It shouldn't even exist and will be holding games back

Lexreborn283d ago

Black Friday is in a few weeks.... 4K adoption is going to be on the rise...

Lore83d ago

This thing is a rip off, you have around 300gb of space to work with, and if you want to upgrade the storage it will cost the equivalent of purchasing a Series X (factoring in the difference). Who would buy this?

ABizzel183d ago

It's not even great for them. The storage isn't enough unless you plan on buying an external to store games on and transfer back and forth, which make it more PC like and many casuals won't comprehend this.

The price at $299 seems reasonable, but adding the extra external NVMe to the console and you could have bought the Series X, also console prices generally drop so in 3 - 4 years when there are more games out and Xbox is finally on a roll with AAA games then you should be able to get a Series X for around $299 during the holiday season.

Looking at Xbox studios and the games they have in development the majority of their IP's won't start rolling out games until holiday 2021 at the earliest with 2022 being the year they really push their IP's, and by that holiday we could even be seeing a $399 Series X.

4K TVs are not expensive decent models that have [email protected] are selling this holiday for $200 and this price and for another $100 or so you can add [email protected] and [email protected] to that same [email protected] panel, the same price and less as a Series S.

The Xbox One X will still receive support into 2021, and possibly until holiday 2022 and offers similar performance to the Series S at not additional cost to those who own one.

The Series S is a console that will sell to parents who don't know any better and just get their kids the cheapest Xbox available to them, or those who are on hard times right now and want to be able to get something for their kids.

However, this console is a mistake IMO, and should be the niche option of the two Xbox, not the leading seller that it'll inevitably be. If you can drop $300 for a Series S this holiday, then put that $300 away, and save up another $300 for next year and get a Series X instead, otherwise spend the extra $100 and get an all digital PS5.

The Series S is NOT the console anyone should be buying, it gets the job done, but overtime it will be left behind as it simply doesn't have the power to play games at the resolutions (there are current games running at 720p on this already), and eventually framerates of next-gen AAA games.

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PTMG83d ago

Series S is great as a Gamepass/xbox exclusive machine especially for only £20 a month all included. I bought one for this reason and a PS5 as my main console to play all the newer, flashier releases.

robleroy83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Cheapest 4k tv I found is €200

JustTheFax83d ago

Guarantee it will give an awful gaming experience too.

badz14982d ago

4K is 4k. they are at least 60Hz and should be good enough for next gen consoles. awful IF you're going to nitpick it like crazy and zoom on the screen every 2secs to find flaws

JustTheFax82d ago

@badz149 Enjoy your input lag and washed out colors then I guess

shabz66683d ago

Will be curious to see how this machine sells this gen. I suspect the machine is already a bit too undercooked in specs. Hitting 1080p might be a possibility but we are already seeing some games struggling to hit that native 1440p.

Tacoboto83d ago

Sea of Thieves is going to only be 1080p60.

Now that reviews are out, and they note small hitches in these Xbox One enhanced titled, man. I don't get how they couldn't just bump up the GPU to 6TF to give us something that could actually hit 1440p, or at least run titles with One X enhancements.

Locutus_of_borg83d ago

Everyone that buys a series s will have their own reasons for doing so, just because it doesnt match the reasons many people give for not buying one it doesnt make it any more wrong...

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