Is a Resident Evil 4 Remake on the way?

Following the critical and commercial success of the Resident Evil 2 and 3, a continuation of the RE:Remake series would be little surprise to anyone. But now, the first sign has emerged that a new version of the highly acclaimed 4th entry in the series is on the horizon.

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zacfoldor76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

I hope so. I'm hoping VIII 2021, RE4 Remake 2022. That would have them put out 1 main RE game a year, since RE3 was this year and RE 2 last year. RE4 should be the capstone game, since it is the best of the lot, imho. If you played RE4 and didn't like it, did you try mercenaries mode? It was better than the main game, and the entire reason I call it one of my GOATs. Best extra mode ever in a game.

I think a lot of people played fully through RE4, never touched mercenaries, and didn't like the game because of that. It's a real shame. If they do remake it, try mercenaries. If they do it justice, it is amazing, not like the other extra modes in RE games.

Dwarrior76d ago

I hope not. It's been done to death. Maybe show Code Veronica some love.

zacfoldor76d ago

I would take that too. I certainly loved Code Veronica. Still my second fav behind 4.

I'm curious though, have they ever actually done anything to RE4, besides like adding motion controls or upscaling to HD? Basically they just ported with minor upgrades right?

Dwarrior75d ago


As far as I am aware, it's just been HD-ified and ported around. Could be wrong there.

CrimsonWing6976d ago

I'm with you, Code Veronica deserves the Remake.

RE4, I mean... it's almost like hearing about RE5 getting a Remake. It just doesn't feel like it needs it.

Smok9176d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Wait, is this for real. Yeah it’s been in development where have you been lol

Boomslang76d ago

That's what I thought, I thought this was common knowledge among people who follow the franchise. I've seen so many articles talking about how they should remake CV instead first (which as a huge RE4 fan, I agree with).

philm8775d ago

There were stories about this in April and said a 2022 release.