PlayStation 5: Launch Day Ordering Update


Hi all – the launch of the PlayStation 5 console on November 12 (or November 19, depending on your region) is almost upon us! In the interest of keeping our gamers, retailers, and staff safe amidst COVID-19, today we are confirming that all day-of launch sales will be conducted through the online stores of our retail partners.

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RazzerRedux1119d ago

Great. More opportunities for bots to gobble up units for resale on ebay. Thanks, covid19.

mechethegoat1119d ago

Just try to get one from your store with in-store pickup.

1119d ago
NecrumOddBoy1119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

I went to grab another controller at Target. Said online it was pick up so I walked in and asked at the counter. No issues getting one. I did this because stupid FedEx lost my second controller order. Now I had to file a claim with Sony Direct. Thankfully they told me the PS5 requires a signature.

1119d ago
RazzerRedux1119d ago

Is that an option? I was reading this to say there would be no in-store stock at all.

StoneyYoshi1119d ago

I believe they just said in this article that in-store purchase will not be a thing. Which means there wont be any in-store pickup since the units wont actually be in the store. They are more likely in the wearhouses ready to be packed and shipped.

SierraGuy1119d ago

It was stated today there's none available in store on launch day...in canada anyway...you still have to place the order online then pick it up.

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StoneyYoshi1119d ago

If day 1 purchases are possible, then I better be getting my Pre-Order delivered day 1. Please don't disappoint me Amazon!

myfathersbastard1119d ago

Same boat. The logic makes no sense. I pre ordered(barely), and am being told it probably won’t come on launch day. But there’s consoles available to buy online on launch day? You’d think pre orders would be fulfilled first.
If not then what was the point of pre ordering?

StoneyYoshi1119d ago


To be fair we would still most likely get ours first anyway since anyone buying online on day 1 wont get the system for at least a couple of days after that order has been made.

NotoriousWhiz1119d ago

They should implement some kind of queue system for online orders. Rather than "selling out" and waiting for a restock, they should continue to take orders and just fill them in the order they were received.

myfathersbastard1119d ago

But that would make too much sense. . .

DJStotty1118d ago

Bots are not a by-product of Covid19, bots would snag them up regardless of lockdowns.

RazzerRedux1118d ago

"No units will be available in-store for purchase on launch day "

Due to covid19. Thus online only, thus more opportunities for the bots....

DJStotty1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

Even if they were available in store, bots would still be claiming the online orders.

Just do what Currys did, set the price at £2449.99 and then apply a £2000 discount code at the checkout, bots can not get around it.

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SamTheGamer1119d ago

Only on launch day? So from next day we can stand in queue. right?

mj_msv1119d ago

Probably, but you might stay there for several days/weeks before they get new units in stock

vivid831119d ago

I just got an email from game.co.uk telling me to make sure I have funds in my account as they will be taking payment in the next few days

FyBy1119d ago

I dont mind if it is online or in-store only. But I would like to be able to buy any. Even dayone preorders arent fullfilled and will not be till next year. So what launch actually means for people?

MetroidFREAK211119d ago

Good luck for those still trying to secure a PS5!