Dauntless Will Be a Day One Next Gen Title

This is good news for Next-Generation fans as Dauntless as part of their update plans have revealed the game will be a day one title for the new systems.

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2ndhandcorn319d ago

I have enjoyed this game although it is such a grind.

Garethvk319d ago

That can be an issue with games like this and also why it is hard for me to get into them. At any time I have 3-6 games in various stages for review purposes and and it can get crazy.

2ndhandcorn319d ago

Yeah i can not commit to a big games because of my kids , i start one and forget whats going in the game because i had not played it in so long.Games like this and other co op games let me get a bit of fun in without some long winded story that was ripped off from a 80s movie ha ha.

DarkZane319d ago

Is it properly going to be optimized this time? I tried it on a PS4 Pro and god, the game had terrible framerate and it was freezing constantly.

Razmiran319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

If you played at launch, it has greatly improved now
If you played not long ago, it was even worse at launch (?
Nowadays even the switch version runs well tho

Garethvk319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

I am hopeful.

MeteorPanda319d ago

while l enjoyed the combat on the switch..this games art team needs to be fired and they need to rehire the whole lot. fuck they're incredibly lazy.

MeteorPanda319d ago

its like they spend a max of 5 minutes on every step to create a new armour set and weapons. the designs are all the same robot looking mess with a few feathers/.scales attached, the weapons and armour from the monsters dont really reflect the animals as much as they could. They reuse the same 2 rigs for all their monsters.

the combat is not bad for a mh clone but they need to get better artists - looking at the fist weapons up close made me cry a bit. theres not even a handle for your hands - its a hole.

319d ago
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