Serious Sam 4 Gives Fans A Fun Mix Of Modern And Nostalgia

Skewed and Reviewed have posted a mixed review for the latest Serious Sam game. They liked the action and humor of the game but said the gameplay is still retro and lacks the polish of modern games.

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2ndhandcorn83d ago

Nice will get this am pretty sick of modern games .

Garethvk83d ago

It has it's charms but is rough in some areas.

Fist4achin83d ago

I've never played a Serious Sam game. Any good? What can they be compared to?

Garethvk83d ago

Graphics are dated and lots of bugs. Last patch had a Combine fly through the air and all sorts of graphical glitches. Think of it as a poor mans Duke Nukem with more glitches and waves of bad guys.