Sea of Thieves on the Next Generation of Consoles

If you're playing Sea of Thieves or plan to jump on the ship on Xbox Series X or S, today Rare provided some relevant information on what you can expect.

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darthv72118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

this game has made some impressive improvements over time. I still keep on suggesting they add a dead man's mode. so if you are killed in the game, you get to go to the other side and have to fight your way back to the living. you become a skeleton and get to take on other pirates. The more you kill the more life you earn to get out of the dead zone.

Gaming4Life1981118d ago

That actually sounds like a really good idea.

MrNinosan118d ago

Sounds a bit like The Archeage which has a similiar system. Would be very nice add actually.

chiefJohn117118d ago

It would make a cool game mode

Locutus_of_borg118d ago

I always thought the game favoured the 4 man crews, maybe have something in place to balance the scales in a 1 or 2 person crew against a 3 or 4 person crew ...

Darkwatchman118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

Seems pretty light improvement. It’s already 4K native on One X but at 30fps so it’s just a doubling of framerate. The post doesn’t denote improves graphics settings which both Gears 5 and Forza Horizon 4 are getting. Hope this isn’t all there is to the update

chiefJohn117118d ago

I know right, cause SoT is a graphical showcase like Forza and Gears too

Darkwatchman118d ago

Sea of Thieves is a good looking game and on One X does not use all the pc max settings so like...why is the post not mentioning improved settings, bruh. Cartoony games can look very good and can push modern tech. Stop being uneducated

Darthpaul84118d ago

Sea of thieves is already a gorgeous game so improvement on that is great

Gunstar75118d ago

It is. I can happily just sail around at sunset and chill.

It is the Zen of videogames

Darthpaul84118d ago

Absolutely!!! I need to get back into it.

CaptainHenry916117d ago

I thought that Rare would be working on a new game by now