Yuzu Already Dropped Nintendo Switch Emulator Online Support

Development team is no longer pursuing online multiplayer support.

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ZeekQuattro76d ago

What were they thinking even flirting with this idea? Lmao

Kados75d ago

Some other emulators have had their own online multiplayer servers for years. Never been an issue.

shuvam0975d ago

Yuzu team is way ahead of time imo. They were right to drop it. There is no meaning of jeopardising the entire project just for the sake of a babrebones online component.

Harkins172175d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Keep it in the back end for another 5 years when switch is on the way out

Zhipp75d ago

A fully backwards compatible Switch 2 might make that a risky suggestion even in five years. I think as long as Nintendo continues selling games through their eShop they'll be likely to come after anyone trying to emulate the Switch.