Does PlayStation need to buy more games studios?

Gamesindustry: "With Microsoft snapping up major studios and publishers in recent years, we look consider the implications for Sony."

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buying more studios wouldn't be a bad thing but i wouldn't say they need to.

Shadowsteal169d ago

Expanding current studios with multiple teams seem like the way to go. Especially with Sony's latest acquisition of Insomniac. $230 Million, Spider-Man in 2018, 3 DLC in 2019, Miles Morales 2020, Ratchet & Clank in 2021, and definitely working on Spider-Man 2. That's just one studio and every title released is filled to brim with quality.

If any purchases are made, Housemarque and Bluepoint seems like a natural decision. But I don't believe they *need* to be purchased as those existing partnerships and relationships is what will prove the most valuable.

StoneyYoshi169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

"Expanding current studios with multiple teams seem like the way to go"

Yeah, and to think if there are at least 2 teams for Naughty Dog, Insomniac Games, Sucker Punch, Guerilla Games, and Sony Santa Monica. Thats 10 potential games coming from 5 studios out of the 14-15 studios they have in total. Sony has been slowly developing and investing so much effort into allowing these successful studios to have multiple teams so they can have the flow of exclusives as if they had more studios than they actually do.

Im curious to know how many of the Xbox studios have multiple teams working on completely different games.

jukins169d ago

I can't express how amazing it is that insomniac has 3 titles ready for launch window. They'll basically have paid for the acquisition with miles and the remaster

jukins169d ago

3rd party deals to supplement their 1st party offerings like ff16

Father__Merrin169d ago

I don't think they need to tbh they produce enough games for their audience

Rude-ro169d ago

The purchase war is not about having “games”... it is about collecting patents etc for market control.

Microsoft will never change their approach on game making. They have been in the business for far too long to ignore this fact.

So, if Sony were to approach this war, it is to protect themselves against said take overs from Microsoft, google, etc...

Sad... but true

ssj27169d ago

Exactly so they definitely need to buy housemarque bluepoint kojima and etc. Because if they don't other may steal them from Playstation like how Microsoft stealed enslave studio or Facebook stealed the order studio from sony. Sony should have been more agresivo and purchased them since they had a great relationship. So next ones are the ones mentioned above and also square enix

DarkZane169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

They will likely buy studios who already have a good relationship with them and basically already make exclusives for them. At some point, they will buy Bluepoint Games and Housemarque, it's almost a guarantee.

Bluepoint is definitely coming sooner rather than later especially with Demon's Souls.

Ausbo169d ago

Blueprint would be nice to see because I’d like to see what they could do with a new IP.

Being under Sony’s umbrella would possibly give them the chance to break out and do something new. If of course that’s what they want to do

Nacho_Z169d ago

I'd actually like Bluepoint to keep on with the remakes, I like the idea of one studio making top quality remakes of classic games that are showing their age.

169d ago
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