Finding Truth in Michael Pachter's Nintendo Switch Comments

Jacob S. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "Just a few days ago, Michael Pachter recently gave his thoughts on Nintendo and its hybrid device over on at to which many people were left scratching their heads over some of his points. During the snip-it before posting the actual interview, Mr. Pachter stated that he doesn’t quite understand the entire Switch concept and that the idea of a hybrid device may not have been the best route to take and also claiming that Nintendo themselves aren’t all that smart to continue to treat their current generation console as both a handheld and a home system. There have been many dictators since these claims were made online and while there were many points that felt a bit out of touch, there is some truth to be found in Mr. Pachter’s words regarding the Nintendo Switch and its potential longevity as a prominent console in the gaming market."

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Neonridr72d ago

clearly sales prove otherwise Mr Pachter. Keep doing what you do best, not knowing the industry.

Zeldafan6472d ago

He only says these inane things for publicity, nothing more.

NotoriousWhiz71d ago

Mr. Pachter is the type of analyst that will probably lose all of your money.