Ranking The Soulsborne Games

FromSoftware’s Soulsborne games have beens some of the most important and impactful of the last decade.

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ArchangelMike871d ago

I love the SoulsBourne series, and the ony one I haven't played is Dark Souls II. Sekiro has a very special place in my heart though. I'd probably rate it in the top 3 actually, they managed to make it really unique and fresh.
I can't wait for Elden Ring to see what From Software do with that.

Sciurus_vulgaris871d ago

In my opinion :
1. Bloodborne
2. Dark Souls 3
3. Dark Souls
4. Dark Souls 2

I have played Demon Souls, so I’m excited for the remake. I never finished Sekiro as I couldn’t get into it.

Thundercat77871d ago

For me, Bloodborne.

Sekiro was ok but not a favorite.

PeaSFor871d ago

For me:
Demons Souls
DarkSouls 2

Kabaneri871d ago

I preferred Bloodbornes combat, Sekiro was too focused on parrying.