Starfield is an SP Game With No MP, Offers a Larger Jump Than From Morrowind To Oblivion

Todd Howard recently gave an interview during Develop: Brighton during which he shared some new details on Starfield and other ongoing projects.

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CrimsonWing6983d ago

Is it a jump like “16 times the detail” was?

Cuz if so, that ain’t much of jump to me.

CrimsonWing6982d ago

Mmmmm salt, (however you spell out the sound that Homer Simpson makes)

ecchiless82d ago

now gonna be 32 times the detail and dynamic 1080p on the S

shepherdzeMan82d ago

not as bad as 0p on PS5 😂 ...... too bad you kids won't get to play possibly the GREATEST SCI-FI RPG OF ALL TIME!

ecchiless82d ago


so is not coming to pc?

LabRat82d ago

@shepherdzeMAn - It'll be on PS5...they said that anything already announced will be multiplatform.

alb189983d ago

I'm waiting for this one.

dumahim82d ago

Pretty sure everyone has to.


Will the bugs that come with your game be bonus content? LMAO

dumahim82d ago

They're easer eggs for modders to apply their Skyrim fixes to.

jznrpg82d ago

Morrowind was better than Oblivion though I liked Oblivion .

lifeisgamesok82d ago

You're a man of culture I see

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The story is too old to be commented.