Watch Dogs Legion is... awesome?! Gaming Under the Influence

Watch Dogs Legion is shockingly good. It is certainly wrapped in an [odious] bubble gum-politics aesthetic inspired by current events. But not unlike Division 2, it builds an irreverent pastiche of a technothriller that may as well be set in Middle Earth for its relevance to or even comprehension of political subject matter. On show here is a much-preferable razor-focused progression system, engrossing core loop and impressive gesture of near-future dystopian worldbuilding.

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823d ago
philm87822d ago

I think it's brilliant. Watch Dogs has always divided opinion so no surprise it's done it again. But it you loved the previous to then you should love Legion.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen822d ago

I have the PS5 version pre-ordered. Too bad I have to wait until the 25th. I hope it's as good as this review says it is.

Wolfenstein51822d ago

Watch Dogs Legion is grossly underrated. The HDR in this game looks amazing. The play as anyone mechanic is great and I should be playing this a while.