The Future of Friday the 13th: The Game

The Friday the 13th dedicated servers will be shutting down this month, although it's not all bad news — players will still be able to enjoy Friday the 13th: The Game multiplayer online via a peer-to-peer system.

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TGGJustin872d ago

Shame. Even with the problems I enjoyed playing this and was still doing so often. Probably won't any longer with them going back to peer to peer servers. Too many people leave all the time when they get killed.

DragonWarrior19872d ago

People quitting the second they get caught is the worst. It's just sad they are so mad that they have to rage quit. I do really enjoy playing this game with my friend. We'd work so well together we'd get out in less than 3 minutes if we were lucky then just make fun of all the survivors. It's sad to see this game basically coming to an end.

anast872d ago

If they put some single player content, I would be all about it.

GamerBeast1982872d ago

There is its called challange its basiclly like the contracts mode in Hitman you have targets and objectives, plus there is story too them and cutscenes.

Knightofelemia872d ago

I thought this game I played and I like it would have spawned a Jason reboot movie. I like Jason but the last reboot movie they did was crap last good Jason movie was Jason vs Freddy. Shame they're pulling the plug this is a good game. I wish Texas Chainsaw got a game like this another great franchise.

DragonWarrior19872d ago

The Friday the 13th franchise as a whole is unfortunately locked in limbo because one of the OG writers is being an a**hat and trying to claim the rights as his own. It's why the game couldn't make any new content, the movies have been put on hold, and Stephen King can't right his book he says he would love to right from Jason's perspective.

annoyedgamer872d ago

lol this game, I used to play with some kids online and just goof off.