GameStop Wants Employees to Dance For Extra Work

GameStop, after having had a terrible time with their response to coronavirus pandemic, are showing just how out of touch with reality they are.

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RpgSama83d ago

WTF?! You "win" 10 more hours of work?! That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Godmars29083d ago

You must have ever worked in retail.

Lucky bastard...

jukins82d ago

I mean yea it is stupid what they have them do. But 10 hours is another body or bodies for one of the busiest shopping days of the year. But yea still stupid to have to have a contest for those hours when they really should be worried about making sure the customer is taken care of. Oh well another nail in the coffin for gamestop. I forsee them going under next year after new console hype has died down.

I know they're desperate but teaming and pushing the xbox while microsoft pushes gamepass seems like a bad move. Once they sell that q year ultimate for a customer 9/10 they won't need to come back.

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addictedtochaos82d ago

It is 10 more hours of payroll for their store to use for the week of Black Friday (I believe it was).

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Chunky00783d ago

Sounds such a crap company to work for

roadkillers83d ago

Honestly the best idea for a GameStop is to let the employees play video games with the customers. They know what they're doing they love video games let them play with the customers

isarai83d ago

It sounds cool till you've worked on the other side of the register. There's just too much to do to allow that and keep things running. Also it's actually kinda hard to enjoy playing video games at work like that. Not to mention you'll clog the store with non-customers who just come in to play games. The whole thing just requires a lot of extra time, maintenance, qnd security that doesn't really pay off in any way. It'd be different if it were a tournament.

Knightofelemia83d ago (Edited 83d ago )


EA would be worse to work for I don't want to be sitting on pins and needles waiting to see if EA will shut the studio down after they bought it and strip the shit out of it. Or find out that the strong solid team I worked with for so many years just up and leaves and now the studio is half of what it use to be.

sourOG83d ago

Rise of the small business is possible. We need to understand how businesses work and survive. We all got a good look during covid. We supported our local restaurants or they went under. If we accept Amazon because it’s easier than supporting your local comic shop or video game shop then we have already made our choice. It’s possible though. The hobbyist shop comeback I mean. GameStop isn’t it though. I’m all about the free market but corporations are out of touch and control. I have swung hard left on corporations and trade.

trippyaaron83d ago

I'm completely with you @sourOG. I wouldn't classify that as left or right though, just being principled about your support. Unless you wanted the government to step in, then maybe.

sourOG83d ago

I want the government to step back and stop protecting them from our law. Social media companies are using government immunities to interfere in elections and silence speech. I’m against censorship more than I am for free markets. I think we need a digital bill of rights. We have protection against our government, we need protection from corporations who act like our government. That’s just my opinion. We can’t trust society with a completely free market, people are pretty dumb tbh.

TheRealTedCruz82d ago

I own my own medium sized business, actually.

Garethvk83d ago

Went to the nearest mall for my annual eye exam and they were shuttered.

BrainSyphoned83d ago

Dance if you want to try and shovel xboxs on people! Please don't look on your paycheck for commissions.

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