Longest delayed games ever: Cyberpunk, DOOM, Aliens: Colonial Marines

In the wake of Cyberpunk's newest delay, we thought we'd revisit some of gaming's longest delayed games to compare.

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porkChop350d ago

Why are Prey (2006) and Final Fantasy XV not on this list? They were in development for longer than some of the games on this list.

2080super349d ago

We are talking about delay, not development time.

porkChop349d ago

Those games were both delayed by many years.

2080super349d ago (Edited 349d ago )

Final Fantasy XV delayed by two months only.

porkChop349d ago

It was originally FF vs XIII, a PS3 exclusive, and was pushed back an entire generation.

MrNinosan349d ago

A game can only be delayed after it gets a release date.
FFXV was only delayed for 2 months. FF versus XIII never had a release date.

mastershredder349d ago

Beyond good and evil 2 announced in 2008. Delayed by years of Rabbid bs (and other Ubi-distractions) It’s up there with Duke now.

Sciurus_vulgaris349d ago

The current beyond good and evil 2 and what was announced in 2008 are essentially two different games using the same title.

Teflon02349d ago

Duke Nukem Forever and Beyond Good and Evil 2 is one day going to surpass it

cell989349d ago

Lmao!!! Star Citizen says hi

ccgr349d ago

Better late than on time and broken

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The story is too old to be commented.