Xbox 360 Guitar Hero II Dated

RedOctane announced today that Guitar Hero II will be made available on April 23, 2007.


Correction: April 3rd, 2007! Sorry for the mix up!

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ryanjtravis4909d ago

The article says April 3, not April 23 (which I'm very happy about) :)

BB4909d ago

Oops, sorry about that. Minor typo, it's been a long day :P

zonetrooper54909d ago

Well all i got to do is save up £65 to buy this game for the Xbox 360. Sigh, 2007 is gonna be vrey expensive for this 15 year old boy.

Mikey_Gee4909d ago

..... I'm 33 and know for a fact my wallet will feel the hit with all these killer games on the way in 2007.

Zinswin4909d ago

Really, I want this game now. Would have almost bought a PS2 until I discovered it was coming to the BOX.

gogators4908d ago

there already listing the achievements for this game on teamxbox. Love to get the Lennon and McCartny achievement. Don't know if I can spend that kind of money for another Axe. This is going to be a really expensive year.