Saved by Morrowind, striving for Starfield: Todd Howard and the story of Bethesda

The director of Elder Scrolls and Fallout discusses the past, present and future of both series in his Develop:Brighton keynote.

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anast1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

And yet, Bethesda still refuses to make another game with the same level of depth as Morrowind.

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jznrpg1296d ago

Totally agree . They’ve taken away from Elder Scrolls not added to it . It doesn’t make sense to me really

NEXUS-61296d ago

This bloke is a walking meme, never a truthful word to say - hope he's happy at his new home.

NEXUS-61296d ago

Short memory, easily fooled - keep those blinkers on.

DJStotty1296d ago

I'm sure he will be very happy with his new co-workers across the 1st party studios.

Here's hoping for more quality games!!!

7 days!!!

NEXUS-61295d ago

If you call Bethesda output quality - thay shows where you expectations are, very low.

You've chosen wisely, ms has your back.

DJStotty1295d ago

Buggy yeah, but overall good games, yeah.

Other than CDPR, i do not think there are many games on the size and scale of Elder Scrolls and Fallout.

So in my personal opinion, i would refer to their games as quality games.

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MadLad1296d ago

Elder Scrolls has only gotten worse since Marrowind. More popular, but worse ..

RgR1296d ago

Morrowind is still an amazing game. The level of OP ness you could reach really fit the story.

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Nintendo Has Acquired Shiver Entertainment From Embracer Group

Nintendo Has Acquired Shiver Entertainment From Embracer Group

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Profchaos1d 17h ago

Great news it shows that Nintendo intends to continue developing ports of AAA games to its next gen platform

H91d 10h ago

Buying studios from embracer now is a great deal, they must be dirt cheap at this point, Nintendo is a opportunist, they wait until someone fall so they get their best deal

OtterX1d 4h ago

That is some serious brain gymnastics you have going on there. 🤔

H91d 2h ago

I didn't do any gymnastics I can assure you, honestly I don't know why you think that, not hating I seriously don't see why you think that

ZeekQuattro23h ago

Yeah I don't know where that came from. It's rare for Nintendo to flat out aquire studios. Guess they were trying to be edgy but why flex on this studio. 🤣

Kneetos3h ago

At least they are safer from layoffs with Nintendo then any other company

banger881d 10h ago

I hope someone buys Piranha Bytes, their future isn't looking good right now. I love their RPGs, they're janky as f***, but they have heart and soul.

Relientk771d 7h ago

Nintendo saw the Mortal Kombat 1 Switch port and were like, "Yeah, these guys are worth acquiring."

You can't make this crap up lol

Profchaos1d 5h ago

Mortal Kombat 1 was never going to port well I'm sure they told wb it wasn't going to work but wb wants that sweet sweet 140 million install base

In the end wb approved the project cleared the milestones and allowed the product to release

SonOfOsiris1d 1h ago

Yeah this guys ported MK11 which is great, Hogwarts Legacy which is great, and MK1 is now ok, play it every day


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