Soft opening week for Watch Dogs Legion and Pikmin 3 (UK Charts)

The big games are starting to come to market, although sales have not got off to a great start, at least not in terms of physical sales.

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CrimsonWing69168d ago

Well it doesn’t help that one is a game that’s ok at best and the other is a full priced Wii U port.

VenomUK168d ago

The headline doesn't take account of the digital sales as the article says "Ubisoft's Watch Dogs Legion was the big game of the week, but it had to settle for No.2 in the charts behind FIFA 21. Physical game sales are 54% lower at launch compared with what Watch Dogs 2 managed in 2016. However, digital downloading has accelerated rapidly since 2016, and we won't know the digital performance until later in the week."

There was no chance that it could beat FIFA Football but it did get to number 2 in the charts. Also, I suspect there will be more sales when both the next-gen consoles release.

zacfoldor168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

Good for Nintendo, lots of games in the top 10.

Games1st167d ago

Legion on sub Ubisoft + and free for rtx 3000 buyers.