Crackdown reviewed by GamePro and OXM UK

The first reviews are in

GamePro 4.5 out of 5
OXM UK 9/10

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FordGTGuy4909d ago

considering that OXM UK doesn't usually score games this high.

Marriot VP4909d ago (Edited 4909d ago )

well I really don't care about the OXM ones, just like the ones from PSM or whatever. I actually was going to ignore that review and just put gamepro cause all I was going to hear was whining about how it wasn't legit and unbiased.

So gamepro's just about the only one to take note of right now, for me

EDIT: #2

yah it's not like I totally disregard them. I just like to take the other big ones so it doesn't seem like it's biased, even though it may not be

FordGTGuy4909d ago

If anything i've noticed OXM reviews to be unbiased they really are to the point. If the game sucks they say it but if it doesn't they will game the credit it deserves. It might be OXM but its not owned by Microsoft.

Boink4909d ago

excellent game, I having a blast with the demo.

zonetrooper54909d ago

I suppose we could call this another killer app for the Xbox 360. ;-)

I have already played the demo over and over again as its so fresh, new and excellent. I reckon its better than GTA and Saints Row. I have already preordered and its comin 23rd Feb i think in the UK.

Maldread4909d ago

i had a feeling this wouldn`t be all that, but based on the two reviews i was way off. Glad i was wrong.

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The story is too old to be commented.