10 Horror game worlds You Would Absolutely Die In

Greg writes: "Lots of people love playing horror games, but how many of us would actually survive in one? Here are 10 nightmare worlds that'd eat you alive."

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P_Bomb827d ago

The Soulsbornes definitely have some oppressive locales. Poison air always takes a bite outta me. Night time in Simon’s Quest, Dying Light, Silent Hill doubled down on the dread.

Would love a Stephen King game. Maine’s a nightmare factory. There’s an open world for ya. Derry from It. Throw in the Pet Sematary on one side, George Stark’s mock grave in another. The cabin from Dreamcatcher, hotel from 1408. Screwed on all sides!

Skate-AK827d ago

Pinch yourself, you're dreaming. Haha

Fist4achin827d ago

It would suck to be on the ship in RE revelations.

dead_pixels827d ago

Most definitely. Isolated in the middle of the stormy Atlantic on a ship full of viral monsters? No thanks!