What Makes PS1-Era Graphics So Effective For Horror Games?

There is something about PS1-era graphics that work so well with the horror genre.

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Sonic-and-Crash160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

they had static lighting , good colors and good textures ....creators back then didnt try to imitate movie filters or movie tropes having a lot dark and black colored areas , they tried just to create realistical textures and colors which worked prefectly for horror games....

Best example is REvil , original three games had almost all areas illuminated and fully colored to create emotions , atmosphere and be visual pleasant while at the moment REvil went to PS2 , PS3, Wii (which were systems capable of creating filters and better effects for visuals ) creators tried to imitate movies and was one of the reasons the series started its downhill....RE1 Remake for example is like a black and white movie in comparison to the original

TeamIcoFan159d ago

Heeeeeey, Naruga, my pal!
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Still have a massive hate boner for non japanese stuff?

karlmarblazehorn159d ago

The main reason there scary is because your left with your own imagination. There's only just enough detail to give you an idea of what your up against but the rest plays out in your mind. The lighting being very minimal as well helps alot. But another thing is the fixed point math causing everything to shimmer and wobble when moving creating a u stable and errie effect.

Trueflames159d ago

Because even non horror games graphics looked scary just look at metal gear character graphics they where creepy

Knightofelemia159d ago

I still like Sega Saturn and PS1 graphics Murderhouse a new pc horror game looks great and has the look and has the feel of PS1 Sega Saturn graphics.