The PlayStation 5 DualSense Is A Revelation In 'Astro's Playroom'

Sony new PlayStation controller the DuelSense comes alive in Astro's Playroom and it's undeniably the future of gaming.

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Jin_Sakai947d ago

I can’t believe the amount of praise the DualSense is getting. It must be an amazing controller. Can’t wait to try it out!

SullysCigar947d ago

Yeah, it's awesome to hear. Seems for many this is the most defining feature of next gen.

Pretty funny when you think the usual suspects were calling this controller a gimmick!

RgR946d ago

Probably only called a gimmick by those who have been gimmicked before.

The dual sense is no gimmick and playstation has never been known tk crrate useless gimmicks.

Neonridr946d ago

I just received mine in the mail (praise them releasing accessories early). I ordered the Camera, Charging Station and an extra controller.

I can say it's VERY comfortable to hold. Good weight to it. Feels solid. Buttons all respond well. Naturally I haven't tried it out with anything, but it is still a good first impression.

Stevonidas946d ago

Just picked one up from Target and I concur. Can't wait for the 12th!

MaximusTKG946d ago

I’ve used it hooked up to a pc it’s missing some features but for a horizon 4 gave me a bit of rumble. Nothing special, but the feeling made me believe it is going to have some excellent future applications.

MadLad947d ago

Not gonna lie, as mainly a PC gamer this is going to be the first time you're seeing a Playstation controller sitting alongside my Xbox and Steam pads.

MrNinosan946d ago

With a PS5 or connected to a PC?
The praise is about the features in the Dual Sense when used with a PS5, features that most likely won’t be available through PC.

If you’re going in for the PS5, congratulations. I had all consoles and a well built PC, but can’t imagine a life without some of the most outstanding games that was only on Playstation.

NEXUS-6946d ago

He can't help himself haha.

DS is the next gen difference, any other controller will feel empty and lacking.

SmokinAces946d ago

Whats the point if youre not playing PS5 games through PS5 and taking full advantage of the haptics and adaptive triggers which is what everyone is raving about?

Thundercat77946d ago

I have never seen such praise for a next Gen controller. Sony really took the time to innovate and not just make another controller.

The Dualsense is going to be a system seller.

masterfox946d ago

so effing excited to try it out, really interested to see how is implemented in racing games, for example Gran Turismo, I imagine some things for example some tension in the brakes or acceleration pedals would be awesome!.

UltimateRacer946d ago

As a GT nut I’m excited to see what the Dualsense can do on GT7, I can imagine feeling different road surfaces, dirt and snow even rain on the surface, very excited.

Rhythmattic946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

Definitely for those that dont have a wheel, it seems the best controller for Driving games....

A good wheel is unbeatable though

Einhander1971946d ago

Yes the next few weeks are going to be long!!

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