Marvel’s Avengers Dataminers Reveal First Look at Black Panther and War Machine

The PlayStation Brahs:

“Thanks to dataminers we have our first look at War Machine and Black Panther in Marvel’s Avengers.”

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Lore273d ago

2.2 million units is a far cry from 13+ million

abstractel273d ago

I don't really like the re-use of environments to cobble together new missions, but I think the combat is fantastic and feels right for each character. I would play it more if they let me play missions solo, without AI partners, to get the loot (skins). I just find the AI partners annoying. I get that it's a "team" game, but I don't think that should hold them back from letting you play missions and the training room solo.

Nodoze272d ago

YES the AI is incredibly annoying.

Pughski273d ago

Ultimate Alliance is better than this trash game

Xristo272d ago

Marvel Heroes: Omega was better than this game.

Nodoze272d ago

At this point the data mine will probably be all we will see. Plug will be pulled long before all these characters are part of the game.

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