The Katamari Series Is A Cosmic Horror Story

Danielle Winter of GameGrin writes: "Fear.

A concept we are all too wary of. Each one of us possesses individual unique aversions of fear that permeates, festers, mutates, and dwells within the dark recesses of our conscious and subconscious minds. Nothing strikes more fear than what is unknown and unknowable, and to flirt with the void could be enough to drive one insane.

One may look at the charming, sugar-coated, and optimistic exterior of which the Katamari series represents itself as; BUT YE SHALT NOT BE DUPED, NOR BE SO FOOLHARDY! These games are an anthology of the cosmic indifference and omniscient ambivalence that far exceeds our comprehension of our purposelessness."

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Fist4achin1263d ago

I'd love a next generation Katamari game. Beautiful Katamari was a hoot to play!


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1nsomniac1205d ago

Eurgh.... 10/10 a perfect game in every way.

... I’m done, stop the ride I’m getting off!

Lighter91204d ago

10 for nostalgia, I guess.


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COG writes: With beautifully unique visuals and an exceptional soundtrack, Katamari Damacy Reroll is a delightful remaster of the original whimsical game where a tiny Prince rolls an adhesive ball around Earth to recreate the stars in the sky.

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