Microsoft's Studio Stockpile

VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "Ever since the surprising acquisition announcements at its 2018 E3 event, MS has bolstered its 1st-party lineup and IP portfolio beyond anything previously seen; so much so, you’d need a comprehensive Excel file to compartmentalize everything. Once the ZeniMax deal is finalized, MS could simultaneously make a mascot brawler and mascot racer without needing to double-dip any of the characters to fill out the roster. But what does this increasing cultural hegemony mean for the industry and gamers going forward? Does MS’ pockmarked past reveal a destructive end for all those involved?"

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Community115d ago
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autobotdan115d ago

Microsoft purchases Disney. Microsoft purchases Amazon

coolbeans115d ago

"Hello, traveler. Welcome to the United States of Microsoft."

DiRtY114d ago

The amount of studios and teams is ridiculous. And as Phil and Satya Nadella already mentioned, they are not done yet.

I doubt we will see another ultra Megaton like ZeniMax, but smaller developers like Crytek, Asobo or Techland might join Xbox.

coolbeans114d ago

Indeed. Yeah, it's mentioned in the piece too. This "acquisition bloodlust" is quite a surprising turn.

Out of all of those, I can see Asobo being the most fitting choice.

No Way114d ago

Didn't Remedy make Quantum Break? But, with their catalog of games, it looks like it would make sense to join Microsoft.

coolbeans114d ago

@No Way

They did indeed. They've *expressed* their wish to remain independent atm, but that could change in the future.

Zhipp114d ago

Woah, Crytek would not be a small acquisition!

coolbeans114d ago

In terms of current relevance? They've really diminished throughout the course of this gen. They've carved out a nice niche on the VR space, but it's simply not the same. Didn't they have funding issues a few years back too, leaving one of their studios to be really limited?

SonyStyled114d ago

They certainly have something good brewing for them, but it will take several years to find what works and what doesn’t. To develop that mutual family ‘ecosystem’ under the MS name where one studio shares coding and developmental tips and tricks on a trustworthy scale that can fully be adopted by the other studio. That’s my thought anyway. For PlayStation first party their studios openly helped Media Molecule, Sucker Punch, and Insomniac. In the end those 3 studios joined the PS family as first party. I hope MS studios does the same and share their talent studio to studio rather than keep their secrets and trying to 1 Up each other as the ‘big’ MS studio

coolbeans114d ago

I appreciate that comment, SonyStyled. It seems expected that they would, right? Several of these vets across the first line of purchases have crossed paths numerous times throughout their career. I think that's a fair insight they OUGHT TO be considering as they move forward.

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esherwood114d ago

It doesn’t make sense how they can be profitable with the current gamepass model. Apparently $60 wasn’t enough for a AAA game at the beginning of this generation. Now there’s a cheaper option and the amount of money they’ve invested is insane. I bet they got a 5 year plan or something to work in more and more micro transactions. Gamepass will just be the way to get games in as many hands as possible and they really plan to make money in mt’s. There first party games already don’t include the season passes. Games will become more and more bare they just can’t do it to sudden because everyone will raise hell

coolbeans114d ago

I'm really lost at what you're trying to get across. Microtransactions don't need to be "snuck in" when those have been around since the beginning of this generation. Gears 5, Halo 5, etc. have supplementary monetization in order to avoid the previous trap of map packs & whatnot.

esherwood113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

They’ve been accepted as far as paid expansions and season passes where you’re getting a complete product for a set amount of money. People raise hell (rightfully so) when loot boxes and games with endless economies get put into console games like the Mobil market is overrun with.

esherwood113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

AAA games take way more time and money to develop and those guys see how much money the Mobil market pay to win games make with 1/20 the investment. Why do you think ea keeps trying to sneak them in when they get so much pushback on games like battlefront 2. It’d be awesome if people had self control and stopped spending so much money supporting that crap but these major companies I’m sure have teams of people trying to figure out how to get gamers on board (gamepass). Whenever I can play a complete game for a set amount of money or I feel games are designed around getting me to spend more money rather then fun I’m done

zacfoldor114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

May be a loss leader to get established. Sustainability by scale may be the idea here. Once(If) the service became ubiquitous, pricing structure could become more elastic.

esherwood113d ago

That how you always talk...

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