Pachter – Sony to Outsell Microsoft by 5 Million Units a Year

The internets favourite games analyst Michael Pachter has predicted that Sony's PlayStation 5 will outsell the Xbox Series X by 5 million units a year due to one specific reason.

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darthv7231d ago

It is Patcher after all. What he predicts is usually the opposite.

bouzebbal31d ago

So you are saying xbox will outsell PS5 by 5 million a year? 😂

neutralgamer199231d ago


This is a pretty safe assumption so I don't think he can be wrong

ZeroBlue231d ago

Lol, you don't really think XSX will come close to PS5 sales do you?

The Wood31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I think darth is agreeing with Jin_Sakai's 10 million

TheTony31631d ago

You're right. It'll be 10 million.

anubusgold31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

@darthv72 Yeah maybe since sony bent the knee to censors and jumped on the 70 dollar games greedy bandwagon. Ill go with game pass than pay 70 dollar games again. Nintendo did this when they had a monopoly back in the day, zelda, Nba jam, mortal kombat 1 and other games were 80 to 100 dollars back in the genesis and Nes and super nintendo days but atleast we could rent games from the local video store then thats gone now. . Those high priced games when i was a teen i could rent for 5 dollars for a weekend beat it then return it . It sometime took me two weekends in a row to beat a game if it wasnt rented out the next weekend but i wasnt going to pay 70 to 80 dollars to buy it and this is in 1990's money. Getting a sonic the hedgehog and a genesis for 250 back in the 1990s was alot of money back then. Any of the arcade games that came to console were 70+ dollars to buy for you kids that disagree i bet none of you were alive then go cry to your mom.

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NEXUS-631d ago

At an absolute minimum. I can see more PS5/PC combos in peoples homes.

Sayai jin31d ago

I never understoof the fascination of console unit sales. I mean, I own stock in various companies, including MS, Amazon, Netflix, Sony, Paypal, etc. Sure I hope sales are great for both, but don't really leverage articles like these.

On topic, I would ezpect both to do well, but Sony will continue to have a huge market share.

alb189930d ago

The thing is that MS is not pushing just a hardware, is pushing a service that will be possible to be use on millions cellphones, PC, consoles and tablets. How many subscribers will have gamepass vs PSN is the thing at the end of each year of next gen that we should check.

RangerWalk26730d ago

If Sony were to do a Game Pass like model for PS Now, it would change my stance on the PS5. The Sony exclusives I love are incredible games, but I only play them once. If they gave them to use day one in a subscription service...I'm all in.

NeoGamer23230d ago

The first year for sure it should be 10 million or higher. But, subsequent years this is going to be more difficult.

You look at this last gen the consoles shipped in late 2013. Currently it is about 115 mln to 50 mln consoles over a 7 year period where XB was in chaos for a good part of the generation. So Sony has barely averaged 10 mln per year this generation. XB is already starting this generation in a much better position. They have 23 studios now and while none are really delivering for the launch that just means 23 studios are set to deliver in the next 1-5 years. So, just on that alone gamers will be more interested in XB then last generation when they had about 5 studios.

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MaximusPrime_31d ago

I haven't pre-ordered it.... It's unavailable everywhere... I can wait for couple of months. Still happy with my PS4

MagicLebronJordan30d ago

Id like to play Spiderman but that is about it from the launch lineup of either console. Not a fan of Demon Souls would never ever play it. I did think that destruction all stars looked good but IM smelling a Driveclub like delay for that game.

Mr Pumblechook30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Is there any MODS here that can help? I made a reasonable, intelligent and well-explained comment about a potential sales disparity and because some immature Xbox fans (not the whole Xbox N4G community) disagreed they've have reported it as SPAM. It wasn't spam and this is suppressing views they disagree with.

Can anybody help with this please?

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ArchangelMike31d ago

Well if Sony can keep up wuth demand; they're outsold everywhere. When are phase2 pre-orders happening?

danny81831d ago

I’ve been told they will restock on both consoles for Black Friday

ArchangelMike31d ago

I hope they have a better scheme that the one they had last time.What happened to all the emails they were sending out for people to register their interest anyway?

danny81831d ago

Most retailers including best buy

NEXUS-631d ago

I know the world has gone a little mad - but in-store pick up would make the bots a little less active.

Or they could just say purchases in-store only.

Probably won't happen of course, just a thought.

nowitzki200431d ago

They dont care how they sell them or to who, just that they sell them.

SullysCigar31d ago

Well, I mean, yes Pachter. It doesn't take an analyst to predict that.