Astro's Playroom on PS5: a brilliant introduction to the DualSense controller

Astro's Playroom arrives pre-installed on every PlayStation 5 and essentially serves as an introduction to Sony's new DualSense controller, brilliantly showcasing its resistive triggers and uncanny haptic feedback. Not only is the game a love letter to the PlayStation generation, it's a strong statement for Sony's vision for the future of gaming

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NEXUS-6948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

Astro will be the first game I kick up,only for a few hrs. Then it's time to die - Demons Souls will consume my life until the platinum is done.

Edit: Another great video by the rock solid John Linneman, always consistent.

SullysCigar948d ago

Lol I actually hope the PS5 they received was addressed to John, just as a face slap for Richard for whining about not getting one quickly enough - like he's more special than others in the field!

Doge947d ago

Both John and Richard each got theirs relatively at the same time. EU based press didn't get them until a few days after the US based press.

NEXUS-6947d ago

Doge - the difference being John would look at it in a positive light.

You can hear genuine, measured excitement in Johns voice when he talks PS5. With Dick and Alex its uneasy praise, like they're trying to figure out how they can turn it into a negative and a positive for the camp.

LucasRuinedChildhood947d ago

I think videos like this show that people calling DF Xbox fanboys is a bit extreme. They were obviously going to do a lot of coverage on the Series X because they got one early and could actually start doing some tests.

NEXUS-6947d ago

Watch any coverage by the Dick and Alex regarding PlayStation and you'll see where those sentiments come from.

It is not without weight, their bias is sickening in some points.

Atomicjuicer947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

I'm sick of the praise. If I wanted a kiddy game I'd buy a nintendo or a mobile app.

Knack, astro and bugsnax can bug snack on my b*lls.

Where are the games Sony? I hear nothing but abuse hurled against Microsoft but they have the ascent and the best multiplat versions as well as full back compat.

I found out today that I sold my pro for a console which DOESNT EVEN PLAY star trek VR.

And the 825 gb is BEFORE os is calculated? Like I'm going to fit like 3 games on my ps5. Its a JOKE

Razputin947d ago

Let's be honest here.

I hope this controller's features aren't a bust like the DS4.

I remember playing Infamous Second Son with all the controller features, and then shortly after almost nothing used the features of the controller. Has the touchpad been utilized outside of certain games and more so of just pressing it to go to a menu?