Black Ops Cold War Will Have Own Loadouts in Warzone, More Details to Be Shared "Soon"

Activision has confirmed that Black Ops Cold War will have separate loadouts in Warzone, and more details are coming in a "week or two."

Kabaneri942d ago (Edited 942d ago )

MW and Cold War feel completely different. How can they introduce guns from Cold War without ruining the balance? If they get rid of all the MW loadouts that would be slap in the face to anyone who grinded or spent money on the microtransactions (especially if they own the free version). I hope the two games remain separate.

sourOG942d ago

Maybe they just said F*** balance? I kind of like the idea. Clever marketing in pushing people into the next game by generating curiosity. “A show”. Balance is just numbers and tipping the scale does them no favors. The “newness” sells itself.

All different games meeting one spot sounds awesome to me. The next world at war game can have WW2 classes running around.

porkChop942d ago

A separate dev works on Warzone. That's why MW and Warzone are already balanced differently. They would likely take any assets from Cold War and rebalance them to fit Warzone.

jeromeface942d ago

Thinking outside the box but what if black ops warzone is completely separate from MW warzone. Perhaps that's what they mean by separate loadouts.

OMGitzThatGuy942d ago

So if you want new guns in warzone then you have to by the new game? Would be a way to get people off the free version and get Warzone only players to upgrade.