IMO: The 3 Best Games of This Console Generation

With the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X looming large on the horizon, we should take a moment to remember the games that have represented the best of console gaming in the last seven years.

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HusbandAndWifeGaming86d ago

TLOU2, Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War

NecrumOddBoy86d ago

I can’t pick 3. Currently playing Ghost of Tsushima and it’s becoming one of my favorite games this generation. It’s a 10/10 for me and very much like Horizon in a perfect pacing of originality for an open world action adventure RPG-lite. I really enjoyed them both.

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AzubuFrost86d ago

An average user listing three Playstation exclusives in N4G.

Of course.

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HusbandAndWifeGaming84d ago

They put the most time and effort into their games and it shows.


I thought Horizon was incredibly repetitive despite having a good narrative and tight gameplay. It’s difficult to enjoy Horizon when other (and better) open world games like the Witcher 3, Judgement....and even Persona 5 have so much compelling side content that prevents you from repeating the same gameplay loops over and over again. Climbing those Tallnecks to unlock a portion of the map reminded me of a Ubisoft game.

As far as God of War, I liked it but I didn’t love it. The two main reasons were the lack of a 60fps option when I played it and the lack of major boss battles compared to the original God of War games.

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King_Noctis85d ago

God of War and Horizon are two really great games. TLOU 2, that game I can’t get into.

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Truplaya86d ago

RDR2, Doom Eternal and Gears5

medman86d ago

You're not a playa you just crush a lot.

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neutralgamer199286d ago

RDR2 could also win the award for most realistically boring game. It does everything is power to make sure you cannot have fun. And I know my opinion is in the minority but coming from older Rockstar games the more they're going for realism is coming at the cost of fun

njitram200086d ago

Yes, fully agree. I bought it in a sale recently because it didn't speak to me at the time but hey, it's Rockstar so it's got to be good, right? I tried and quit about 5 times and then simply had to accept that I was not having fun and it was wasting my time. Biggest regret of a purchase this gen. And that's including NMS and FFXV.

neutralgamer199286d ago

I couldn't believe how this game was a chore to play. Every animation was 3-5 seconds long

Why can't I walk over the dead enemies and game automatically picks up ammo and loot? It literally takes between 3 to 5 seconds to load one body. The fast travel system is completely broken. If they would actually allow a real fast travel the game is half the length if not not less. even when you try to have fun with the game by using cheats the game won't let you save how about simply disabling the trophies why are you not letting us see all the games when other games let you save while using cheats and they disable the trophies/achievements

CS786d ago

I disagree. The game was a masterpiece. I loved that the world was immersive and realistic and really wish more devs did this. It felt like a second life in another world. There are hundreds of twitchy fast paced, “everything hurried” games. I loved that this game was slower paced at times. The game was absolutely amazing.

neutralgamer199286d ago

Absolutely I respect your opinion you have a right to have yours and for me it was the other way around

Neo11186d ago (Edited 86d ago )

RDR2 was beautiful but so boring... I liked authenticity, but I could't finish the game, cause I need the game to be fun.

victorMaje86d ago

Agreed, I kept feeling it was made to look & sound better than be fun.

goldwyncq86d ago

What’s fun is subjective to each person. I had a lot of fun immersing myself in the game’s world and interacting with the other gang members, who truly felt like living, breathing people.

goldwyncq86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

It’s basically an outlaw simulator which might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the game’s metacritic score of 97 is a testament to how well-made it is.

nowitzki200485d ago

You are a minority. Most of us had plenty of fun, maybe you just need COD type games or something where it 100mph at all times.

Profchaos85d ago

Complete opposite from me and I'd place it as my gotg but that's the thing with opinions right

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TheOptimist86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Witcher 3, Nier Automata and Persona 5

ZeroBlue286d ago

God of War, Persona 5, Witcher 3.

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