Spookytacular 2020: 10 of the Best Horror Games of All Time

GameCrate: "Horror in games has evolved massively throughout the decades. What was once considered scary — Friday the 13th on NES — is tame by today’s standards. And the foundations set for modern horror — Resident Evil and Silent Hill on PS1 — have led to incredible shifts in the genre. Because it evolves so drastically and branches out into several sub-genres, it’s impossible to narrow horror games’ hallowed grounds to just one title.

As Halloween draws near and GameCrate’s Spookytacular 2020 celebrations come to a close, we’re taking a look at 10 of the best horror games of all time. Note: These aren’t by any means the definitive best of the best, but we’d like to think they’re up there. Don’t see your favorites on the list? Let us know which horror games resonate with you the most in the comments!"

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MadLad820d ago

My personal favorites are Silent Hill 4, Outlast series, the original Condemned, Amnesia, Resident Evil 2 remake, Clive Barker's Undying, Alien: Isolation, STALKER (not really a horror game, but the few horror elements are highly intense), and Dead Space 2.

I'm not easily frightened, but the games I listed are the ones I remember becoming really stressful and unnerving to me, making me anxious to enter that room, or turn that corner. So they all definitely did their job.