Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Integration Happening in First Season This December

For those wondering when the Black Ops Cold War & Warzone integration is happening, it'll be this December according to Activision.

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Kabaneri34d ago

I still don't understand what they mean by this. Will the MW Warzone be in Cold War or is it gonna be a new map?

bondsmx34d ago

I’m with you?

And will it still run on the MW engine, or is it moving to Cold War.

Like weapon handling, mounting, swimming or no swimming. What game are we gonna get?

Is it gonna be exactly the way it is, with updates? Or is it a brand new warzone based off of Cold War?

Thatgrammar34d ago

I guess we will have to wait to find out. However, they mentioned that characters and weapons from Cold War will be integrated. I am assuming the engine will remain the same and they will swap out all of the weapons and characters for those within Cold War. So they might get rid of all of the weapons within the current Warzone and replace them with weapons from Cold War and just keep movement and the core engine the same.

Reefskye33d ago

Hoping basics of gameplay stays same as MW, i really dislike how cold war feels

mafiahajeri34d ago

Doesnt make sense, they should just made their own version. Itll be stupid af if its still the same game.

elazz34d ago

So in requirements it mentioned 175GB for the game and 250GB with 4K assets. Does anyone know whether that includes Warzone and if it's the same on ps5? Not that I'm planning to get this since I already have modern warfare but the way they handled updates and content drops became terrible after a few months.

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FlavorLav0133d ago

Hope they give the option not to download war zone this go round. Waste of valuable SSD space for me, just like it was on PC

bestofyou32d ago

IDK about this just don't take away Zombie Royal! Most fun I've had on a Battle Royal in a long time.