Don't Worry, Assassin's Creed Valhalla Runs at 4K/60fps on Both PS5 and Xbox Series X

Assassin's Creed Valhalla has been confirmed to hit the same benchmarks across both Xbox Series X and PS5, although the latter console is said to be upscaled 4K.

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Obscure_Observer234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

And so it begins.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Series X - Native 4K/60fps

PS5 - Upscaled 4K/60fps

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potatoseal234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

You're the ultimate hyprocrite.

Just on your first page of your past comments on the Xbox One launch lol

"It´s all about games quantity+quality+diversity.

The original Xbox is way more powerfull when compared to PS2. But guess what? 150 million units sold. Most people didn´t care about power back then. And i know for certain
that most of the Sony Fanboys here don´t care about power either.

All this debate about power will be useless, if the X1 and even has more and better/ inovative/quality games."

You're right. WE DON'T CARE ABOUT THE POWER advantage at all. You're right, it is about the games. You're right when you talk about Power... You act like you care right NOW, but really you don't care do you. As always it's all about the games and the quality of games. SONY have had the quality ALL GEN. They've a proven track record and they'll preform again.

I swear you have so many blatantly hyprocritical comments about resolution and power that do not matter according to you. But you act otherwise these days.

Could you be anymore of a liar and a hypocrite?

The difference in Assassin's Creed will be insignificant between consoles... AND YOU KNOW IT.

LOL just found another comment where you refer to people as "power whores". LOL you can't make this stuff up. How embarrassing for you

potatoseal234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

Honestly, I only spent a minute checking his past comments. Imagine if I spent some time there? How much hypocritical BS would I find?

"Cause in the end, as i´d say it before, it´s all about games." - Obscure_Observer 2544 days ago

Jin_Sakai234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

I guess we’ve all learned that resolution addiction is a thing.

laserap233d ago

LMAO you got him figured out big time.

To be fair most Xbox Fanboys like this guy are all hypocrites. "Power doesn't matter. It's about the games" LOL I remember when Metal Gear Solid V came out. Oh how they defended. "The game plays the same. Resolution does not matter"

potatoseal233d ago

@ laser

Both "sides" have there fair share. It's not just Xbox fans. BUT, this Obscure guy is a massive one lol

Popsicle233d ago

Potato you are wasting your time by falling into a trolls trap. Obscure trolls for fun because trolling results in comments like the one you just presented. Don't feed the troll.

Outside_ofthe_Box233d ago (Edited 233d ago )


So now we know (well we've always suspected) that Obscure_Observer, doesn't truly care about which one runs better.

He just wants to cheer lead for his favorite plastic box which is xbox.

Can't take anything he says regarding power differences seriously anymore (not that it wasn't the case already) since it's fueled by whichever favors his agenda.

DEEHULK88233d ago

Why do people bring up the original Xbox up. Sony was coming off a 100 million unit selling original Playstation and Xbox was just a unknown new console entering the videogame market a year later and it was never expected to be competitive. Stop bringing up the original Xbox to prove a point because it doesn't make sense. Kids that were in diapers at that time commenting on things that they clearly don't know about is hilarious. Smh

Jericho1337232d ago

I know you think you’re trying to sit a fanboy down, but the truth is you come across as incredibly butthurt. Why do you let it both you so much?

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tontontam0234d ago

We all know that 90% of you xbox gamers will only buy the xbox series s. only 10% will own the xbox series x.

just like today you see a lot of xbox fanboys spouting "THE BEAST, 4k GAMING!!!!" despite only owning the underpowered xbox one s.

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chrisoadamson234d ago

Xbox series x will be the best console for multiplats this gen

mariopasta234d ago

The difference will be tiny. What will matter is the DualSense. That will make the experience better than the Series X.

Dirt is a multiplat and it will be utilizing the Dualsense. Looks like more 3rd party will take advantage also

234d ago
Ju234d ago

DualSense + 2x faster loading > 2more pixels.

lifeisgamesok234d ago

So it's going to look the same like how logical people have been saying

TheProblem234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

Resolution will make 0 visual difference without a microscope

The question is will the series x have pop in compared to ps5?

The are so many visual advantages that can be created by ps5’s massive I/o transfer rate. And these advantages will actually be noticeable

thesoftware730234d ago

So resolution dont matter anymore, now its all about that pop-in..

gotta love it.

Ju234d ago

Of course with the minimal deltas in resolution everything else is amplified. You will notice pop ins far more than 2 more pixels.

TheProblem234d ago


Resolution has never mattered. People need digital foundry to even know

234d ago
TheProblem233d ago


I never mentioned the ssd

The entire ps5 system has been designed to serve its massive data transfer rate.


If I showed a group of people the halo infinite demo do you think they would notice what resolution it was running at? Or do you think they could notice the pop in?

I think you know the answer

jznrpg233d ago

@thesoftware730 pop in is a big deal . It’s much worse than upscaled vs native (native isn’t even worth the resources)

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Ghostbob234d ago

Yes because resolution matters! 🙄🥱

Jin_Sakai234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

Native 4K is a waste of resources. Dynamic 4K with better framerates should be the focus going forward.

TheProblem234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

I’d also like to add that series x hasn’t yet been confirmed to be native 4K as confirmation was only asked about ps5’s resolution.

Perhaps you should wait before you embarrass yourself again. Although embarrassing yourself seems to be a hobby of yours

Obscure_Observer233d ago


"Perhaps you should wait before you embarrass yourself again. Although embarrassing yourself seems to be a hobby of yours"

Lol. Ubisoft is your target, dude.

"With the Xbox Series X | S, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will take full advantage of the enhanced graphics, giving players the opportunity to experience the open world of Norway and England down to the very last detail. On Xbox Series X, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will run at 60 FPS in full 4K resolution."

SullysCigar233d ago

^ Umm, @Obscure_Observer, you do realise Xbox has the marketing rights to this game, right? Do you not think this might make a difference in decisions surrounding what will be highlighted and what will be ignored until someone else spots it? Like pop-in (see State of Decay 2 on Series X, or Halo Infinite), load times on start up, after death and fast travel, world loading thanks to the I/O throughput, for example?

They're under contract to release the details that make the platform that's paid them to do so look better. It's standard stuff, so @TheProblem has a point - be careful with your cheerleading until we have all the facts...

ocelot07234d ago

Now he going to wait until Digital Foundry freezes the gameplay zooms in at 400% and confirms the series x indeeds has 3 extra pixels over PS5 version.

Then he wont buy the game as he has seen the extra 3 pixels and waits for DF next comparison video lol.

TheProblem233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

Very true.

I have seen so many comments here like.

“Can’t wait for digital foundry comparisons”

Seems like Xbox fans look forward to digital foundry comparisons than actually playing games

Mind boggling!

RazzerRedux233d ago

It is really no longer about which version is "better" when you get to the point of depending on DF to tell you what you can't see for yourself.

Anyone who is hung on these high resolutions really need to watch this one minute or so of this video from Digital Foundry video. It really puts things in perspective.

ILostMyMind233d ago

It already began when games on PS5 were announced with RT and XSX didn't. You missed the memo.

ajax17233d ago

keep trolling all you want, it's not going to change the fact that Sony is going to dominate Microsoft in sales

alb1899233d ago

I hope sales help you play third party games better.

CBaoth233d ago

@ alb899 - of course sales matter. They don't make games PLAY better dum dum. You don't get to play the games at all if sales are non-existent. 3rd party publishers skip the platform altogether, i.e. Japanese publishers foregoing IP launches in Japan on Xbox hardware. You want GP to become the home of MS 1st party and Indie shovelware?

233d ago
Sayai jin233d ago

What did he say that was false... I don't know why people are getting upset with facts on the preferred piece of plastic. I don't think most people will be able to tell the difference and will not make the game any less enjoyable, but those are the facts as far as resolution.

purple101233d ago

And so it begins..

-Ps5 loads in 4 seconds
-Xbox series x loads in 8 seconds

Ps5 feel the surfaces through haptic.
Xbox series x feel trigger buzzing like 2000 wasps in a tin can?
? How about people considering the other things

Personally don't care about loading .both will be fast enough. Just sayn'

Sayai jin233d ago

@purple101, you are aware that dual sense isn't implemented for this game?

boing1233d ago

@Sayai jin

Wait and see.

Sayai jin232d ago

@boing. wait and see what? They already confirmed that dual sense isn't being utilized with this game. I wish it was, but even so, that won't stop me from enjoyig it

throne233d ago

1 game havingsaid to having upscale vs native with the same fps and he goes over the moon, guess he needs to get his wins anyway he can lol, while their virtually the same like every other 3rd party game.

RosweeSon233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

Yet people are still gonna buy more PlayStations, your point 🤷🏻‍♂️ Roles have reversed as it was Xbox who had resolution gate last gen obviously didn’t want a repeat of that so got the power on PlayStation, Nintendo have proved many times it’s not about the power it’s what you do with it and more importantly what’s being released for it.
This time PlayStation have the worst deck when it comes to the resolutions the minority who actually care about it.. it’s barely 10% majority just want the games, some don’t even own 4K tellys
But you’d think now Sony hasn’t got the full true 4K people would jump ship. Nope, can’t think why 🤷🏻‍♂️😂 Microsoft have got the console working fine BC thousands of hours but also looking at a fair few hours wait for next generation games at which point the X series 3 arrives nah.
The only thing Xbox are gonna be claiming next generation currently is 3rd 🥉 switch released years later and overtook them and if Nintendo drop their next generation console within 2 years max which is pretty likely Microsoft are gonna need more than Skyrim Re-remastered and Arkane collection from Bethesda to get their money back and turn the tides.

chobit_A5HL3Y233d ago

sounds like a dev issue, not hardware.

gamer7804233d ago

yah i saw this today, the headline contradicts itself, i thought this gen was about 4knative/60fps, or maybe somewhat less if RT is enabled.

itsmebryan233d ago

Didn't PS4 do 4K upscaling also? So much for the people that were saying the PS5 was more powerful than the Xbox Series X.smh

Artemidorus233d ago

Typical N4G, fanboys disagree with facts.

Chevalier233d ago

Here's a fact. Switch with sub HD graphics destroys Xbox in sales.

Artemidorus232d ago

Since when did gamers care about sales? You clearly are not a gamer.

Profchaos233d ago

Cast your mind back to 2013 and the fact was ps4 was running AC4 at native 1080 while the X1 was at 900p and Xbox fans were all clamoring to state it doesn't matter you can't notice it etc where the fact was the difference was clear and the reason was devs didn't yet understand how to handle the esram chip.

If ps5 isn't hitting native 4k out of the box on crossgen launch games the same argument holds true Devs don't fully understand these systems yet.

However every indication is so far not the case and we will likely see more games at parity than last gen.

But we can talk about tech specs all day the real innovation will be in the way the controller interfaces with the game with DF stating how revolutionary it is I would always take immersion over fidelity any day of the week

itsmebryan233d ago

You act as if PS4 owners didn't make a big deal about the power difference. Now the shoe is on the other foot now the same PS fans say it's no big deal. That sir is the hypocrisy of the PS fans you refuse to address.

Mr_Luke233d ago

Begins what? Stupid comparisons?
Or the fact that probably Valhalla will sell more on Ps5 (talking about consoles)? Well, it could be ;)
Just today i've read that the biggest platforms for Ubisoft are PS4 and PC, i didn't read any Xbox One X, even if it is more powerful.
Many dejà-vu are coming, i guess.

SmokinAces233d ago

Yep it begins a new generation where multiplat games look exactly the same on both systems.

gravedigger233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

Watch Dogs : Legion is 1440p on XSX said by Alex Bataglia a.k.a Dictator ( from Digital Foundry ) :

So, what now you do have to say about that, hm? Yeah, yeah, power of the XSX.

Also, pedestrians density in Watch Dogs Legion is bad, really bad. Even GTA V on PS4 has more pedestrians in the middle of the day. In this shots i see 2 pedestrians in the middle of the day in this game. And that's a freakin London :

itsmebryan232d ago

What is the resolution of watchdogs on PS5? We are not talking about GTA V on PS4.

Keep on topic. What is the performance of Watchdogs on PS5?

Stop deflecting. So you think Watchdogs will perform better on PS5? We have already seen that Ps5 can't do native [email protected] like the XSX. Why do you think this game will perform better?

gravedigger232d ago (Edited 232d ago )


Maybe Watch Dogs will indeed perform better on PS5 in Valhalla than XSX version. Same happened with Pro/X1X in bunch of games where Pro version has more stable framerate than X1X.

Well, 4k for the win i guess. Power of the XSX.

itsmebryan232d ago

If I remember correctly the few games that were more stable on the Pro than the X1X ran at lower resolution. Since it does not runs at a native4k on the PS5 maybe AC will have a stable frame rate. If the XSX is also able to have a stable frame rate it will really show the power of XSX

gravedigger232d ago


It's not a fewer, actually, quite an amount, for example, WD Legion, Resident Evil 2, 3, Sekiro, Devil May Cry 5, Outer Worlds, COD, Modern Warfare etc..

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Sophisticated_Chap233d ago

Except, what PC equivalent settings is each version running at? You can make almost any game run at 4K/60 if the graphics settings are turned way down.

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DarXyde233d ago

Are we really making this evaluation of performance differences using a cross gen Ubisoft launch title? Seriously? Bit of a perfect storm, wouldn't you agree, especially when the design philosophies behind these consoles are radically different and optimizing both is likely a significant challenge?

Very curious to know where your head was at in 2013.

Anyway, I gave up on Assassin's Creed after Revelations. Would be interested in seeing how they take advantage of Dualsense and the tempest engine though. Then again, Ubisoft.

RedDevils233d ago

Insecure the hypocrite xbox fanboy at it again

Rhythmattic233d ago

Well taking your name and changing it to what is by actually Definition,
"Uncertain_Observer" ;

itsmebryan233d ago

It looks like the ultra fast SSD didn't help the PS5 here.

gravedigger232d ago

What SSD has to do with resolution in game??

itsmebryan232d ago


"What SSD has to do with resolution in game??"
That's what I said. But, check the post on this site and you will see a lot of Sony fans the Ps5 is more powerful than the XSX and the lighting fast SSD more that makes up for the 1.84 Tflop weaker GPU I told them SSD has nothing to do with rendering and I got down votes and people telling me I don't know what I was talking about. Smh

I don't know where these people got their information from.

gravedigger232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

Btw. even if XSX GPU is more powerful, PS5 GPU is faster in pixel fillrate, rasterization rate around 20% because it is 0.4 GHz faster

Dragonscale233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

And so it begins.

PS5 has next gen exclusives.

Xbox doesn't.

Another ass kicking confirmed.

Weapon_of_choice233d ago

Xbox 22 seconds loading time.

PS5: what loading time?

itsmebryan232d ago

XSX: AC at Native [email protected]

PS5: what's AC Native [email protected]?

gravedigger232d ago


XSX : no new 1st party games for launch

PS5 : Who wants some new 1st party games? F yeah

boing1233d ago

Like it would make any difference. Remember the difference between One X and Pro? Yeah, me neither.