Modern Warfare First Year Sales the Highest in COD History, Has 7x More Hours Played Versus BO4

Activision revealed that Modern Warfare first year sales are now the highest in COD history! Combined with Warzone, now has 7x more hours played than Black Ops 4.

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XxStevexX87d ago

To BO4’s defense, it not really fair to combine MW hours played with Warzone which was a free game.. BO4 really wasn’t fun though

MetroidFREAK2187d ago

I mean a consumer friendly business model and supported multi-player content would definitely increase player retention... thats why I dropped playing Black Ops 4 the moment they added loot boxes on top of all that other greddy stuff

ApexWolf2287d ago

Weren’t the loot boxes all cosmetic meta items that didn’t affect the core? I’ve managed to enjoy various of their games without buying into their marketplaces. Albeit I did envy some of the skins.

MetroidFREAK2187d ago

No, they had stat based weapons in them

Rachel_Alucard87d ago

BO4 had the worst monetization I've ever seen in my life.

Season pass, Item rotations, Battle pass, Loot boxes, weapons locked in the loot boxes, per weapon camos, charms and death animations, Weapons locked in the battlepass get thrown into the loot boxes after the pass ends, drop rates being .9% of getting a weapon in the boxes, no salvage system, if you get duplicates you have to get 3 duplicates and all it gives you is a single item you don't have, accrual rate for lootboxes is abysmally slow and it only drops a single item whereas paying for one drops 3. It was worse then any mobile game I've encountered, even worse since you had to pay full price and it had no campaign.

EazyC86d ago

Well-deserved really, it's an excellent game and IW deserve all the praise.

Only thing that frustrates is the SBMM, that should be for ranked playlists only imo. The game is extremely hard on both Warzone and multiplayer due to matter what, you're up against people who are as good or better than you. Now, that's great for people who play games like sport but I personally like the roll-of-the-dice manner other FPS games do it.

86d ago