Xbox – You are the future of gaming

"Welcome to the next generation of Xbox, where you are at the center of your gaming experience."

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crazyCoconuts82d ago

good thing for you guys, because in the last generation I was at the center of the gaming experience. Enjoy your turn!

TheProblem81d ago

“Xbox - You are the future of gaming”

Well Xbox certainly isn’t

nix81d ago

It's telling PS5 "You are the future of gaming."

AngelicIceDiamond81d ago

Cross Fire X, Warhammer Dark tide, Psychonauts 2, The Gunked, Halo: Infinite, Exo Mecha, Forza, Bright Memory Infinite (timed), Scorn, (rumored) Starfield in 2021.

Phil also mentioned he can't wait to announced Compulsion Games and The Initiatives new games.

If Starfield ends up releasing next year and if it lives up to the hype, that'll be a major win for Xbox.

TheProblem81d ago

“ If Starfield ends up releasing next year and if it lives up to the hype, that'll be a major win for Xbox.”

Why? It will be on PlayStation also

TheGreatGazoo3081d ago

What makes you think Starfield would be on Playstation?

NEXUS-681d ago

TheGreatGazoo - Why wouldn't it be? You think shareholders want to cut off 100+ million gamers?

AngelicIceDiamond81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

@Problem No it won't. Nothing suggests in any of Phil's discussions it's coming to PS5. That's what you hope but it won't. Just get it on PC.

TheProblem81d ago

Phil is a snake

He knows full well that it will come to PlayStation. He just dances around the question with his wishy washy language because he wants people to by Xbox

Mark my words

DiRtY81d ago

It will not be on PS5.

Bethesda games that will be on PS5:

- already announced games
- Maybe MMOs or F2P games

That’s it.

AngelicIceDiamond81d ago

He's wishy washy because he can't say anything about the deal right now. It won't be finalized until early next year. When all the games, tech and assets belong to MS. Then he'll say where these games are going. He's already given strong hints where it's going already the writing is all over the wall. Deny till you drop if it makes you feel better

81d ago
ic3fir381d ago

morrowind is consile exclusive, oblivion timed exclusive, skyrim dlc exclusive longe time, now ms buy bethesda you think is release on ps5 lol.
elders scrolls and starfield is exclusive console xbox.

SyntheticForm81d ago

I'm not a huge fan of Phil; don't hate the guy either. But, enticing people to buy an Xbox or their games on PC is exactly what a capable "Head of Xbox" should do.

He 'may' know full well it will come to PlayStation, sure, but why on Earth would Phil do anything at this point (or any other) to steer people away from the brand in which he heads?

You're being a little unfair in your criticism, especially given who he is and what he does.

That aside, Microsoft didn't make this 7 something billion dollar purchase to help Sony or to promote PlayStation. You don't like it? Tough. Rally against Phil all you want, but he's doing his job, and time will tell just how well he's done it.

RedDevils81d ago

@AngelicIceDiamond why are you so scare of that game end up on ps5? Btw nothing what phils said indicate it won't end up on ps5. Either way it not my lost or any gamers as if we want it we will get it on PC or PS5

81d ago
Dragonscale81d ago

@gazoo, because its been confirmed any games planned to release on PlayStation will still be releasing on PlayStation. They're not gonna miss out on sales from the biggest audience fgs.

agnosticgamer80d ago

I think you will be highly disappointed. I don't think Xbox is sharing games with Playstation. But you can enjoy it on PC if you would like. Just like Elder Scrolls VI and the next Doom.

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agnosticgamer80d ago

Psychonauts 2 already had agreements in place that Microsoft chose to honor. Not necessarily the same thing.

NEXUS-681d ago

Crossfire X is timed, Warhammer is timed, Phsychonauts 2 is on PS5, The Gunk timed.

Starfield no chance for next year - reminds of 'wait until E3' or 'I'm excited for what we didn't show', ms be stringing you along.

AngelicIceDiamond81d ago

The Gunked is permanent exclusive. Either way it's rumored to be out next year. Maybe next summer at MS event theyll reveal it.

NEXUS-681d ago

No biggie - the gunk looks like an ms remaster of a 360 game.

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NEXUS-681d ago

Angelic - How wrong you are, you will see Starfield will not be the 2nd coming - like all Bethesda games.

You're only as good as your last game - and F76 stunk.

I bet yoi shareholders would rather 100+ million potential customers paying $70, than 60 million or so paying $1 a month.

Mark this - you will see how wrong you are.

AngelicIceDiamond81d ago

"How wrong you are, you will see Starfield will not be the 2nd coming - like all Bethesda games."

You mean like every AAA game ever that gets announced?

"You're only as good as your last game - and F76 stunk."

Let's hope there's quality control now. I'm sure spending as much money as they did they're gonna expect allot more from bethesda.

"I bet yoi shareholders would rather 100+ million potential customers paying $70, than 60 million or so paying $1 a month."

MS has 70b cash on hand and bought Bethesda with that money and Nadella the CEO played a hand in the acquisition as well. Neither MS or their shareholders are in some kind of rush. The CEO would be whispering in Phil's ear suggesting those games are going elsewhere. But it's the opposite is happening, he's suggesting and suggested it's not. It's on Xbox, 10 to 15$ a month on gamepass plus it's on PC, steam and Xcloud.

More than enough devices and services to make up that money. Arguing with you is like arguing the grass is blue... When it's green and the sky is green.. When it's blue. I have suggestive facts to back up my claim. You have.... Whatever you decide to make up. You wanna bet a game? A full blown AAA I'll happily take a game from you, since you're makin it so easy for me.

NEXUS-681d ago

Who's arguing? This is a general discussion, you've made some inaccurate claims - I countered.

I 100% believe that Bethesda games will still go to other platforms outside of the xbox ecosystem.

If me believing that upsets - relax - its only an opinion.

And you best believe that quality control at ms is no better than at Bethesda.

AngelicIceDiamond81d ago

"you've made some inaccurate claims - I countered."

So the guy who spent 7.5b to own Bethesda is now an inaccurate claim? Are you serious kid? Once he owns them he has permanent say. I agree it's a discussion but your imagination and wild thinking vs my suggestive proof and links is no match.

Backing out of a bet now I see, don't feel as strong in your stance now? You don't want me to take a game from you I understand, looks like you fought against you're own whatever logic you came up with to save yourself from losing a bet. The smartest thing you've done so far I say.

boing181d ago

But they said everything that Bethesda currently has in production will be released as planned, no?


VS confirmed Ps5 games like ratchet, deathloop, god of war, horizon and others? Not a chance!

NEXUS-680d ago (Edited 80d ago )

The same guy that paid $2 billion for 1 game and released it on everything but a toaster, even spin off games.

Wake up - gp isn't going to make $7.5 billion anytime soon, shareholders will want a quicker return.

And the claims I alluded to were all the 3rd party timed 'exclusives' you mentioned. Thats all.

You're getting all worked up about people getting under your skin, grow up.

And you have the audacity to call me kid - seems you're the one that cant handle people disagreeing with you.

TheGreatGazoo3080d ago

The didn't "release" Minecraft on everything after they purchased it. They didn't remove it from competing platforms, which would've pissed off millions of players. Big difference. I also think it's fairly likely GaaS games like Minecraft and Fallout 76 will continue to be on litterally everything. I think there is a chance Starfield comes to Playstation, just depends how far along in development it is. If it's 80-90% done, probably. If it's 2 years away, probably not. Microsoft will keep Bethesda titles xcluaive to the Xbox platform and GamePass to drive subscriptions.

NEXUS-680d ago

I think the audience for those games are already apart of the xbox ecosystem. They won't drive console sales as much as ms would think or like - and by extension shareholders.

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Vasto81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

Playing on console, pc and mobile.

Game Pass Ultimate / Xbox4Life

Silly gameAr81d ago

Hey, don't forget we have Zenimax guys! We don't build studios and talent, we buy it!

DiRtY81d ago

Comments like yours just show me how much of an impact this acquisition really had.

boing181d ago

Didn't had any yet, except for Bethesda not going bankrupt.

tontontam081d ago (Edited 81d ago )

Sony should take advantage of the situation, they should create games that will rival doom, the elder scrolls. If I only have a ps5 I won't complain even if they cloned those games.

Ausbo81d ago

I’d say the initiative is building quite a talent pool. Xbox needed a lot of studios to compete with the output of PlayStation, and you can’t start 10+ studios all at once.

One minute it’s no games.
Next it’s the games are years away.
Now it’s you have to start your studios not buy them.

Come on man.

porkChop81d ago

Fanboys are always moving the goalposts.

DiRtY81d ago

I don’t want to be that guy, but Sony fanboys have a hard time right now.

- The Xbox Series X is more powerful for the same price
- Microsoft has 8 more first party studios
- GamePass offers by far the best value in the industry

I mean, hardware, Software and Services are all superior, so it automatically becomes a stretch for them.

81d ago
1Victor81d ago

@dirty I don’t want to be that guy but sooner or later you’ll see game pass on PlayStation and no more Xbox why do you think they took out the Xbox part of the Xbox game pass

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NeoGamer23280d ago

Who made Spider-man and Spider-man Milles Morales? A studio Sony bought
Who made The Last of Us? A studio Sony bought
Who made Uncharted? A studio Sony bought
Who made Horizon? A studio Sony bought
Who made Killzone? A studio Sony bought
Who made infamous? A studio Sony bought
Who made Ghosts of Tsushima? A studio Sony bought
Who made LittleBigPlanet? A studio Sony bought
Who made Dreams? A studio Sony bought
Who is making Sackboy's Adventure? A studio Sony bought
Who made Bloodborne? A studio contracted by Sony
Who made the original Demon's Soul? A studio contracted by Sony
Who made Death Stranding? A studio contracted by Sony
Who made Until Dawn? A studio contracted by Sony
Who made Detroit Become? A studio contracted by Sony
etc. etc.

Only God of War and Gran Turismo can truly be claimed as building a studio and IP from the ground up.


All those games were made for playstation and probably wouldn't exist if not for playstation. Demon's Souls and Bloodborne were co-developed by Japan studio.

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shabz66681d ago

Love this ad. Very slick. Gets my hyped

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