SIE CEO Jim Ryan says the PS4 will be supported through 2022 crossgen

Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, says it is "crucial" for the company to support the PS4 through 2022. This means cross-generation versions of upcoming games. This could include titles like Demon Soul and the next God of War, though we'll have to wait for direct confirmation. PS4 sales have stayed strong, with over 113.8 million consoles shipped as of Sony's Q2 financial report.

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Jin_Sakai24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Can’t wait until 2023 when we finally leave current gen consoles and their outdated tech behind. Games will really start to shine then.

And before Xbox fans bring up the quote from Jim Ryan “we believe in generations” we’re getting a next gen console, next gen controller, and built from the ground up next gen UI. At the end of the day Sony exclusives still look amazing regardless of being cross gen thanks to having some of the most talented developers in the industry.

Atom66624d ago

Think you might be just a little defensive in that 2nd paragraph? Wow. I'm guessing you were one of the people who mocked MS about crossgen? Let it go, man.

This has always been the plan to some extent if you go back to Sony's prior statements and get past the console war stuff.

With Sony doubling down on these big AAA blockbusters, they really want a large install base to sell to at all times. Even selling at a blistering speed, they might hit 20-25 million PS5s by end of next year.

So when you think about the hundreds of devs you've paid millions of dollars to make Forbidden West for the last 4 years, would you want to sell to just that 20-25 million, or 100million +?

The market is so saturated now, you really need that big base to be there when a game launches. This is the same model 3rd party has deployed for generations...because it's smart.

I can appreciate people wanting new new new, but that's not the best call in the current market. They don't need to hit that hard reset button every 6 or 7 years anymore.

As someone who grew up always being the last to afford to upgrade, I think it's awesome that these corps are taking this approach.

darthv7223d ago

Im fully expecting the games that started development on PS4 to finish and release on PS4 while also getting proper enhancements for the PS5. So games like God of War 2 and GT7 still have a chance of fulfilling that trend of two releases per generation. Its what we have been getting since their initial release on the PS1 and PS2 years ago.

AngelicIceDiamond23d ago

@Atom just like it was the end of Xbox with their cross gen games

Atom66623d ago


Agree. I'm 70% convinced GT7 is cross-gen, and maybe 50-50 on GoW. It makes a lot of sense considering how long these teams worked on the last engines too. That's a lot of resources spent to only get one game on PS4 out of it.


Yep. That made me laugh. All of those downvotes I received was nice too.

nickanasty20623d ago

Especially with harware shortages that will probably linger throughout all of next year would be my best guess.

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Obscure_Observer24d ago

"And before Xbox fans bring up the quote from Jim Ryan “we believe in generations” we’re getting a next gen console, next gen controller, and built from the ground up next gen UI."

Lol. Who cares about Jim Lying and his lies at this point?

More great first party exclusives for almost 120 million PS4 owners? That´s what I want to hear!

Profchaos23d ago

Xbox fans can't talk series s has basically ensured we never actually see the full power of our new systems from third party Devs.

Hopefully in a few years Microsoft can make it no longer mandatory to support the series s I doubt it though

CaptainHenry91623d ago

I hate to admit this but I have to agree with @Obscure_Observer Jim Ryan did lie and I hope he don't become another Don Mattrick

dcbronco23d ago (Edited 23d ago )


I guess that's like we've never seen the full power of a PC GPU. You playstation people are amazing in your rationalizations.

@Captain Henry

Sony knows it needs to make money to push out exclusives and buy studios despite the coming economic challenges. They have no choice on last gen or PC. And eventually the Game Pass model.

S2Killinit22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Doesnt series S sort of hold xbox back indefinitely?

dcbronco20d ago

The idea of one console generation holding back another is one of the silliest arguments in gaming. When architectures were more complicated and tools not as useful resources were strained if you had to make several different copies. The problem is optimization. Now you have systems based on the same APIs and we've been x86 a while. Holding back because of previous generations is now just something fanboys that don't understand anything say. Besides PC has always had the best version the vast majority of the time. And there are huge numbers of people playing on 720p machines with a thousand variations of hardware. The previous generation argument is a argument for the ignorant. Let it go and do a little more reading.

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TheRealTedCruz23d ago

You done with your little tangent, champ?
That second paragraph was unneeded, cringy, and a bit defensive.
We're all glad you love your little piece of plastic you play your games on.

gravedigger23d ago

Sony can drop 1st party games cross-gen support, but cross-gen support also means it will be supported by 3rd party games. Like FIFA. Demon's Souls already isn't a PS4 game.

nickanasty20623d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Gross-gen has happened for every single generation. There is always an interim period where old consoles are still supported. I do realize that i do need to take into consideration that you are younger and have lived through less console generations, so i'll give you the benefit of the doubt there.

Valkron123d ago

Ha! Child, you must be really young because I remember when there was no cross gen! There was no Mario 64 on the SNES, no Metal Gear Solid 2 on PS1, no Kameo on OG Xbox. Those were generational leaps. You must not be too old, lol!

nickanasty20623d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Since disc based this has always existed @Valkron. There is always a period when both consoles are supported before moving on to the next gen exclusively. BTW, metal gear solid 2 was not anywhere near a launch game for PS2. PS2 had matured for quite some time before MGS2 came out. Also, i meant cross-gen support. Happened with the Xbox 360 as well, end of generation original xbox games like Far Cry Instincts and Burnout Revenge, originally released on OG xbox and made their way to Xbox 360 for the "next gen" experience. Playstation 2 nearly had full backwards compatibility for PS1 to ease the upgrade process. PS3 original 60 gig models had support for PS2 and PS1 games.

danny81823d ago

Lmaooo does your girlfriend know you write stuff like this defending Sony? Lmao

RazzerRedux23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Dude....your post is just silly.

edit: as are the responses to your post. nah...I'm out. Fanboy bullshit frenzy.

Edgelordsupreme23d ago

He basically revels in fanboy arguments, its kinda fun watching him squirm. Its like when Timotim, Darth or whomever says something dumb; its fun to point and laugh at the people THAT attached to their plastic boxes.

King_Noctis23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

“ And before Xbox fans bring up the quote from Jim Ryan “we believe in generations” we’re getting a next gen console, next gen controller, and built from the ground up next gen UI”

Isn’t Xbox SX has all of that as well? Or am I missing something here?

Rude-ro23d ago

Game engines.
How dated, re-used, re-skinned engine makes or breaks the feel of “new”.
Yes, you need hardware designed to push it... but every gen that had wow moments were to “new”.
Most games are just modified engines for cheaper development..

Sony spent this gen building new game engines. Like the decima engine. That is why you saw it move to pc as well.
Sony also helps developers bring these engines to life.

They built these engines to run on a PS4 and to get boosts on the ps5.

Example... the only new engine supported by Microsoft was the one used for sea of thieves.
And it was the water engine.

One brand was not only stale... but because of the stark differences in approach, it stood out to the majority of consumers.
Sony chases advancements. That is literally their existence.
They put a lot of their eggs in gaming and that is the importance of their existence.
How do you live off of that? Innovate.

Halo infinite is Microsoft’s most needed franchise... and we all saw what they were going to sell.
That was, after a very long drought of any must have games, was their cross-gen offering.
Nothing near anything Sony offered this gen let alone what we all expect to see next gen.

Them Microsoft fans will put up their fight... I think just to fight... but they are also standing up for a brand that lost more than half of their install base due to their lack of must have games.

neutralgamer199223d ago

Nothing new Sony has always supported it's outgoing consoles for few years. But don't be surprised if a lot of that support comes from 3rd
parties. Ps3 got the last of us than it got support from 3rd parties

I think exclusives that will come later 2021 might not come to ps4. I am also convinced Sony studios can truly take advantage of ps4 and ps5 without titles being held back. Look at spiderman MM loading alone on ps5 yet the title is also on ps4. Sony studios were some of the best ones to begin with so if anyone can handle cross generation it's them. Some of their current released games look next generation to begin with

Sophisticated_Chap23d ago

Thankfully, not everyone thinks like a complete and total sucker!

DarXyde23d ago

Sony has always supported prior hardware for a while after the new consoles come out. It's quite expectant, and it's why I felt that criticizing Xbox about that was going to backfire—and it has. The limited quantity of consoles during a pandemic is reason enough to warrant that kind of response.

I also want to say that people are being unfair to Xbox; people always poked fun at Microsoft for dropping console support quickly after the successor is released, but now, we're seeing them address that and it's problematic for people.

I can understand the "no next gen exclusives" argument people have now since it doesn't necessitate the newer hardware... but that didn't stop people from buying One X or Pro either—same games, more powerful hardware. Even still, the experience has evolved (perhaps more so on PS5).

Obz23d ago

Oh p*ss off you shameless hack

TheKingKratos23d ago

You guys talk like ps4 will have switch graphics

You forget the jaw dropping God of war / The last of us 2/ Horizon / Spiderman / RDR2 are all near 4k with the best graphics around and Tbh i haven't seen any thing that look next gen other than a UE demo on ps5

All the cross gen games will look the same other little higher res and few graphics options that went from high to Ultra setting

We won't get to see true next gen games till 2023
everything shown can be done on the Pro or the Xbox one x and look almost as good as ps5

TheRealTedCruz23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

I just remember the tone and narrative of many on this site when MS said there's going to be no real exclusives for the coming Xbox generation for a few years, and how much trash was thrown their way on this site. How their current gen was going to hold their next generation games back.
This was prior to Sony announcing just how many of their games were going to be doing the same thing.
Now that the fact Sony is doing something fairly similar is out in the light, so many on here are back pedaling, talking about "well look how good the games look on PS4", or "games are scalable, so it's fine".

It's just really hypocritical, in my opinion.
And yes, all those games look great and run at fairly high resolution ... on a Pro. Just like the series X, the large majority don't own the mid-gen refreshes. So if both companies are indeed trying to maintain both generations going through the next couple years, they need to keep the base models in mind at all times.

thesoftware73022d ago

Nice attempt at damage was never about UIs and such it was always about the games..

You sir sounds the end of the day Gears 5 looks amazing as well..ultra PC settings with extra..what's your point?

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isarai23d ago

As long as there's still SOME experiences built from the ground up for next gen, i don't mind. I WAS hoping HFW would be one of those tho 😒

MoonConquistador23d ago

And on PS 5 it will be. And GG will make it the best they can on the PS 4 also, it's not like they're gimping the game just because it's appearing on two different systems. PS 4 is obviously very capable of running the engine.

The PS 5 will look better, run better, and be more immersive due to their focus on audio aspects and haptic feedback etc.

This says more about Sony's good track record of supporting their "previous" systems and a good decision business wise considering the user base they'd be selling to than it does about lessening the quality of the PS 5 version.

isarai23d ago

Look better, run better, absolutely. But in its core design it will still be shaped around the limitations of the PS4. Not saying it will make it a lesser game, it's just not going to really show what these new consoles can truely do for game design. Still excited for it, and will be there day 1 for it, but it's not going to be as showing of the next gen experience as say Ratchet and Clank

TheRealTedCruz23d ago

This wasn't the narrative had by the majority on this site prior to Sony announcing just how many games were going to be for both PS5 and PS4.
When it was just Xbox saying they were going to be cross generation for a few years, it was holding games back and not real next gen experiences.

A fair bit hypocritical, if you ask me.

MoonConquistador22d ago

@The Real Ted Cruz

Now go find me something in my previous comments that runs with what you've just stated.

How am I being hypocritical when you're basing your argument against me on what other people have said.

Don't pull me into YOUR Sony Vs MS battle

potatoseal23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Just build all future games from the ground up for PS5, and then strip what you need to strip to get them to run on PS4 and I guess I will be fine with it. Ratchet and Clank will be impossible, unless you strip a whole lot away and add loading times to gameplay mechanics lol. But yeah MS was right about not leaving the last gen people behind. But at least Sony has games like Demon's Souls, Ratchet And Clank, Godfall and Destruction All-Stars to push PS5 next gen showcases.

darthv7223d ago

I believe R&C was in development on the PS4 before it was switched to the 5. What im curious about, and have not seen any footage of, is if you can go through any rift instead of the ones in front of you (as seen in the game play demo). Id imagine this game to be more open world but it could run on a PS4 if it is a linear game. Even with rift jumping. you have to figure, IG was working on it on the PS4 first so they would likely have gotten it to work. But obviously the PS5 is much quicker at streaming in assets.

All the other games you mentioned dont really push the Ps5 either. I mean Demon souls... that was a Ps3 game so to think a remake wouldnt be possible on the Ps4 is pretty naive. Especially when it had been rumored (and requested) for quite a while. Im not saying these games wont look good on ps5, im just saying they wont push the hardware. We will in time see games that do that, as is the case with any console generation. The games you see mid to end of gen outshine those at the beginning because of the time and effort put into them and the talent of those who can figure out new things to do with the hardware.

potatoseal23d ago

Nah, I think Ratchet and Clank was to be a showcase for the technology of the PS5. That's the only game that I'm 100% certain would never reach a PS4

Smclaren198523d ago

Did you watch the latest demon souls remake gameplay? You can see a stark diff between that and anything else shown so far.That is clearly next gen the lighting , textures , geometry , animations not to mention the ray tracing aswell. It has a 4K 30 mode where they crank up everything to the max.They have stated multiple times it doing thinking’s way beyond current gen hardware. Ratchet rift apart couldn’t be achieved on current gen ether

RickRoland23d ago

This is most likely what will happen going forward

FreeFallFrenzy23d ago

Sony has to create some incentive to upgrade fully to a PS5 so I'm thinking they're going to still have a lot of games exclusive, but the franchises that started on PS4 will most likely be cross-gen so the players have a chance to enjoy without upgrading. Hoping GoW can take full advantage of the PS5 though

nickanasty20623d ago

You have described exactly how they have created games on PC's for years now. Consoles are just that these days, they are PC's. You can strip any game down to make it run on X system, i think that was proven with Witcher 3 on Nintendo Switch. When there is a will or $$$$$ there is a way.

Zeref23d ago

Destruction all stars isn't pushing anything 😂

potatoseal23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Don't be so sure my giggling friend ;-)

StoneyYoshi23d ago

Quit pushing your head up your rear thinking you know what the game that we all know little about is pushing something or not. 😂

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RgR23d ago

The only games I have seen ever being cross gen are from 3rd party developers. I've never seen or expected 1st party to be crossgen except at the very start of a next generation release.

I do believe they supported the ps3 for quite a while after the ps4 launch. Support could just mean system updates and game patches.

gravedigger23d ago

I expect Sony will drop 1st party games cross-gen support till end of 2021. Already Demon's isn't a PS4 game, R&C isn't a PS4 game. Hopefully Ragnarok also. Anyway, 3rd party can continue to support it forward.