PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan on expanding the brand, and the far-off future of VR

PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan shares his insight on how Sony is expanding their brand and what to expect on VR in the future.

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airshiraz31d ago

what they expect from vr?these are strange things that they say about vr.all i want is more aaa games to have vr version .like resident evil 7 and hitman 3 .like 3d movies in cinema .what else we want??something like matrix??and i dont know why this doesnt happen?it can make a great market for game makers

GryestOfBluSkies31d ago

I'm fine with waiting for a new headset, but the current VR desperately needs new controllers. The move controllers are seriously holding back the potential of PSVR.

porkChop31d ago

PSVR needs something more like the Oculus controllers. They're fantastic.

YoungKingDoran30d ago

I think they never should have ditched the Move Navigation controller (the smaller one with the analog stick)

Games1st30d ago

Sony patented a curved hand controller in 2020 late September

Mr_cheese31d ago

VR is an amazingly new experience that really moves gaming forward (IMO) and given the right games/applications, it will be a must have for most.

RE7/ Star wars squadrons/ astrobot are a few that nailed it on current hardware. Imagine it going further? Something like HOME but in VR. A fully fledged world where you can all meet and experience in a new way.

giveyerheadawobble31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

This is all true. I can tell you one thing: VR isn't really just about being wowed by being in the game itself. There have been numerous occasions where I've been overcome by what I can only describe as some kind of emotional euphoria with actually feeling involved with what I was experiencing. Sitting in an X-Wing in Squadrons being the latest, and feeling like I was actually there in the Star Wars universe fighting Tie Fighters. It's a dream come true, and I'm not even a Star Wars nerd. It beggars belief that this is a thing you can now actually do now and for some reason Star Wars fanatics haven't gone out and bought headsets yet to experience it, yet they'll queue in a line for hours dressed in expensive storm trooper cosplay outfits to see the latest Star Wars film that Disney squatted and shat one out.

YoungKingDoran30d ago

I remember the house in resident evil 7 as if i literally went there, i am looking forward to replaying it in VR but honestly, I'm alittle scared going back in there 😂

Games1st30d ago

Vr is a tough sell, They need a decent amount of PS5 sold and high quality vr games at launch.

Current gen vr was made with the PS4 pro, both having matrix code names.