See the PS5 DualSense Haptic Triggers Fighting Back

PP: Erik Fossum of Norwegian outlet PressFire has posted a short clip to Twitter showing the haptic triggers in action, and they're putting up quite the fight.

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RaidenBlack31d ago

Imagine that + a future FromSoftware game like Elden Ring (soulsborne).

Jin_Sakai31d ago

These are going to be amazing in GT7. Can’t wait to see what other developers do with the new haptics.

bouzebbal31d ago

QTE will now be taken to another dimension

darthv7231d ago

Hell yeah... I can see these triggers doing that when braking too hard in a turn. The wait is getting shorter now.

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Vanfernal31d ago

"Demon’s Souls Weapon Attacks and Spells Will Have Different Sensations Through Adaptive Triggers; Haptics Are Integral to the Experience"

We're already getting a preview of what that'd be like. =)

Bathyj30d ago

I can't wait to feel a sword striking your shield.

Gnarshaka31d ago

OoooOoOOooooOOOOoooOOOOOOooooo ooOoOooOOoHHHhhhHhhh eldin ring

himdeel31d ago

SHAME on a trigger! Who tried to run game on

Not that type of party you silly peoples. But I am excited seeing this!

sinspirit31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Imagine that having your shield hit makes the trigger kick back. Initially, the trigger will lock at a far distance so you can barely press in the trigger. But, as your shield gets hit, it shudders and the tension loosens as your stamina bar depletes. If your poise or shield gets broken it loses all tension. That would be insane.

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Sunny1234531d ago

It will be like a lil tug of war between my index finger and the trigger. I hope its strudy enough and doesn't break easily.

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Bathyj30d ago

Guns are going to all feel very different now.

Has anyone here ever shot a real revolver? You pull the trigger about 75% of the way, the tension increases getting harder to pull the closer you get to that breaking point. Once you pass that breaking point all the tension just goes slack and the hammer drops.

Now imagine this with adaptive triggers couples with the recoil of the haptic feedback. This is just the beginning. The controller is the real difference maker. Xbox will have an Elite 3 aping this within a year. Mark my words.

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UnholyLight31d ago

I have been so interested in this since we first heard about it. Xbox took a nice step with rumble triggers I felt...they are actually helpful when you're playing a game like Forza and getting a feel for how your car is performing.

Sony has taken it to a whole other level and I think the possibilities here for immersion could really be applied in cool ways like I mentioned above BUT BETTER! This is something I wish Microsoft themselves had improved upon as well for next gen. I feel like the DS5 is going to be my preferred controller again this coming generation, just like the DS4 this gen!

ZeroBlue231d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Yeah, I've never paid much attention to rumble features before. I don't mind them, so I never turned them off, but mostly just forget that they're there. This seems like something that would demand my attention and actually add to the immersion. There's so many creative things that can be done with haptic, I'm really excited to see what devs come up with.

fr0sty30d ago

The cool thing is, isn't just the triggers that can do it. The thumbsticks can do it as well.

UnholyLight28d ago

@fr0sty Wait what? I did not realize that

Mr_cheese31d ago

Cant wait to get a feel of this!

BenRC0130d ago

I predict a shorter lifespan than my ds4 v2 (12 months, left stick packed up, v1 still going strong)

Hellcat202031d ago

I can see how this will play out with Godfall
Omg I can't wait

CannOfPoo31d ago

Shame Godfall is gonna be vaporware in about 4 weeks lol

Ron_Danger31d ago

It’s really cool how you rain on people’s parades here. Based on your past comment about the game you have no interest in it, you just wanted to be a jerk to Hellcat2020. It really is a shame that you need to do that to feel better about yourself. Good luck in life with that attitude.

Father__Merrin31d ago

But will you re comment in 4 weeks time when godfall turns out to be not vapourware?

potatoseal31d ago

Did Godfall steal your girlfriend?

Chriswheeler2231d ago

Isn't vaporware a game that simply doesn't come out lol.

It certainly may be forgotten in the mix at launch i think.

SmokinAces31d ago

The game is launching therefore its not "vaporware".

CannOfPoo30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

@All 🤣🤣🤣

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XxSPIDEYxX31d ago

Damn, the possibilities are endless. Gun getting jammed, driving on an unstable terrain, running out of stamina. Sony you geniuses!